retly, which has produced more mining tunnels. It is impossible to say exactly how many mining tunnels there are. A huge spider web like a spider web has been formed underground in Na’an City. Underground network.

Although the government has always wanted to manage it, energy weapons cannot be used in the krypton crystal mine. In addition, some large organizations and forces are involved. At the same time, the soldiers of the four major forces also need a primary area for training. This underground network is also retained. Furness replied.
David finally understood that this underground network was not unmanageable, but that many forces had interests in it. In addition, young soldiers could not be allowed to directly go to the battlefield to hone themselves with the Zerg, so a place was needed. A place where control can be exercised.
What better place than the underground network where only non-energy weapons can be used and under the nose of Naan City!
“Furness, can I follow you to see him?” David looked at Furness and asked.
“David, you go back and bring appropriate exoskeleton armor and weapons, and we’ll go together!” Furness hesitated, but thinking of David’s actual combat effectiveness, David would have had no problems in that place in the past.
You must know that David is a spear master, and he is wearing an exoskeleton armor. As long as he is not surrounded by many people, there will be no problem with safety.
/The underground network of Naan City has many entrances, which is related to the mining rights of this krypton crystal mine for a long time.
The mining rights of krypton crystal mines are controlled by the government and the military, and the military and the government outsource them to other mining companies. Coupled with profit reasons, some small companies have also obtained small shares of mining rights, which makes the mines The number is increasing.
Especially during each large-scale invasion by the Zerg, a large number of high-end combat forces are used to deal with the Zerg, and the consumption of krypton crystal has also become huge. The military and government will also relax the control of the mining of krypton crystal mines.
This also resulted in the creation of more mines. It took countless years and generations of operations to reach the current situation.
After so many years of interest entanglements, Na’an City’s underground mining area has long been in chaos. Fortunately, the military and government still control the main mining area, and the remaining auxiliary mining areas are controlled by many underground forces.
/There are more or less forces behind these underground forces. It can be said that even if the military and government want to take back all mining rights, there is a high possibility that they will not be approved, let alone sending troops or The police came to clean up and drive away.
David carries a pair of second-grade swords on his back, and a second-grade military spur on his calf. Next to him is a giant land lion exoskeleton armor loading box, and a sto