a few turns, Wei Xiaobei didn’t even count.

In short, when all the bait in the storage ring was almost gone, Zhao Tong came over again in a small boat and shouted loudly, which probably meant that the horse pen was repaired and asked Wei Xiaobei to take Longma over.
Wei Xiaobei nodded, led the group of dragons and horses in a small circle, landed on the shore from the old mutated dock, and rushed towards the built horse pen.
To be honest, Zhao Tong deserves to have stayed in Baima Yicong.
The horse pen was built with the fish bones that Wei Xiaobei brought back. Probably because time was tight, a large circle was made. It was a very big circle, and there was a passage outside that continuously revolved around the horse ring.
The front is close to the beach, while the back part goes deep into the desert.
If we had to calculate it, the horse pen alone would occupy more than a thousand acres of land. And if we include the rotating passage outside, it would probably be no less than three or four thousand acres. The passage made of fish bones is seven or eight meters high. , spinning in circles, forming more than ten fences invisibly.
/I’m afraid, all the fish bones Wei Xiaobei brought back were used in this horse pen.
At this time, the passage door had been opened, and Wei Xiaobei was the first to rush into the passage. The dragons and horses followed closely behind, filing in, chasing Wei Xiaobei anyway.
Wei Xiaobei estimated that if he jumped into the lava, half of these dragons and horses would jump after him.
One lap, two laps, three laps
Along the passage, Wei Xiaobei spun in circles, and his speed continued to slow down. The same was true for Long Ma who was following behind. Otherwise, he would have crashed into the fish bone fence.
For Longma, even if those fish bone fences could not withstand their collision, they would subconsciously follow Wei Xiaobei to avoid these obstacles. This is just the instinct of living creatures.
After more than ten turns, the dragon horse’s speed has dropped to less than one-tenth of its previous speed. Although it still looks very fast, it is only the speed of an ordinary horse in reality.
/After rushing into the horse circle, Wei Xiaobei led the group of dragons and horses to slowly turn twice. Before making one turn, he would throw the bait to the center of the horse circle, causing many dragons and horses to leave the group.
After two laps, Wei Xiaobei threw all the last bait into the center.
At this time, the group of dragons and horses immediately disintegrated and dispersed into groups of ponies, rushing to the center to compete for the sweet bait.
Only then did Wei Xiaobei breathe a sigh of relief, quietly left the horse pen, found Zhao Tong, and asked him to bring the harvested kelp, seaweed, seaweed and other undersea plants to feed the dragon and horse.
As for what this dragon horse likes to eat, it should be seaweed or something.
Although Wei Xiaobei has never trained a horse, he also knows that if you want to attract an animal and do something, food is