re the age of 35, etc.

But during this time, I was in a very unhappy mood.
Some time ago, my girlfriend found out about something trivial that men only understand, and she actually said she wanted to break up with me!
After a period of cold war, I admitted my mistake. After all, I had not taken care of my private parts.
But that night, I discovered Li Lanxing’s secret!
This stinky woman actually dreamed of another man while she was dreaming, and she screamed in ecstasy!
It’s actually Wei Xiaobei, that loser!
Drink, drink, drink!
If possible, I would rather not wake up.
And the subsequent awakening was even more of a nightmare.
My dear mother, where is this place?
We actually came to a desert!
What exactly is going on?
My godmother! what is that? Why is there such a big scorpion there? It washed into the gravel, a bulge? Still coming this way.
I have to escape. I haven’t become the president yet and realize my life ideal!
That idiot scorpion actually came after me.
Fortunately, I was rescued when I almost ran out of strength.
Unexpectedly, this benefactor turned out to be Wei Xiaobei, who made me extremely unhappy!
As an elite, I should first figure out where I am.
I should hide my anger, find an opportunity, and kill this guy!
“I don’t know how I got here.”
Huang Dajun lowered his head and murmured.
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes were fixed on Huang Dajun’s face, trying to see something. Wei Xiaobei always felt that something was not right about this Huang Dajun.
“I really do not know!”
The anger in Huang Dajun’s heart was about to burst out.
A graduate of a prestigious university, Huang Dajun has a smooth career. Over the years, Huang Dajun has developed a more arrogant character.
In addition, it was difficult for him to control his emotions in front of Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei looked away, as if nothing was wrong, and said with a smile: “It’s okay, Brother Huang, please follow me from now on, I will take you out of here.”
/After saying this, Wei Xiaobei carried the big gun and continued to move towards the Fire Red Mountain Range.
He knew in his heart that Huang Dajun was almost going to have an attack. No matter the eyes, the hidden things in his expression, or even the clenched fists, everything confirmed this.
Wei Xiaobei guessed that this had a lot to do with him. Could it be that Huang Dajun had a falling out with Li Lanxing and then turned his anger on himself?
Wei Xiaobei thought for a while, but it was difficult to deduce the truth from the clues in his hand.
Huang Dajun looked at Wei Xiaobei who was gradually climbing to the top of the hill. The expression on his face lost control. He looked at Wei Xiaobei’s back, cursed fiercely in his mouth, and then chased after him.
He knew that in this strange and mysterious place, no matter how he got in, for now, if he wanted to survive, he had to rely on Wei Xiaobei, a loser!
Well, although Huang Dajun still scolded Wei Xiaobei as a waste in his heart, in fact, he had to find with some discomfort that he was really not as good as him