further reflected in Song Qingxi’s induction.

Even though they were separated by such a huge distance, the torture they had endured for a long time suddenly completely and completely reached its peak at this moment.
Death began to become clearer and more concrete in her feelings, turning into invisible and formless yet soul-crushing flames that were torn apart!
Pain, hunger, anger!
All the emotions that had made Chu Weiyang what he was today began to destroy Song Qingxi’s mental defense at this moment.
So, almost at this moment, Song Qingxi, who stood up tremblingly from the ground of the stone room, looked towards the east sea with solemn and frightened eyes.
She still didn’t know what her natal magic weapon and golden elixir Dao Fruit had experienced there, but at this moment, at least what Song Qingxi could be sure of was that the cycle of birth and death was not caused by the power of nature.
When the real torture of death became so concrete, Song Qingxi finally understood that his natal magic weapon was probably no longer in the vortex of the sea eye.
“Is it a natural disaster? Or is it a man-made disaster?”
“Hopefully the worst won’t happen”
With such emotion, Song Qingxi’s thoughts suddenly became determined because of his judgment on the magic weapon of his destiny.
The road of drinking poison to quench thirst was abandoned by Song Qingxi at this moment.
The brilliance of sword cultivator was revealed in Song Qingxi’s body at this moment.
Immediately, Song Qingxi flipped her hands, and a jade box was held in her palm. Then, Song Qingxi carefully unsealed it, and picked up a supreme treasure filled with spiritual light. The moment she swallowed it, Song Qingxi’s cultivation and energy seemed to be frozen in this flash.
The next moment, he carefully put away the jade box, and Song Qingxi’s figure suddenly turned into a sword light, jumped out from the Jieyun Peak, and then fled straight towards the outer sea!
To the west of the extreme west, there is a realm of Sumeru, a place of trial, and a supreme situation.
At the top of the mountain, Qi Feiqiong was standing there with a gentle smile on his face, looking at the jade slip handed over by the young scholar again. When the Divine Mind Cave was illuminated in an instant, the jade slip showed What was photographed were all excerpts from various sutras.
/It is impossible to see the whole picture, but just a few words are enough to understand the height and thickness of the meaning and foundation of a Taoist secret.
The ability to excerpt scriptures like this shows that the young scholar has the foundation of “Tao Zang in human form”, and he also has some unreasonable self-confidence. He believes that even if he is observing with his spiritual thoughts from a distance, that Langxiao can The mountain master and the young master can also see the quality of this method at a glance.
For no reason, he seemed to trust Chu Weiyang more than Chu Weiyang himself.
And sure enough, as he watched, in that flash, Qi Feiqiong’s eyes suddenly had a gray-black