a sigh of relief, He Xiangu immediately changed the subject and exposed Wei Xiaobei’s identity.

Fortunately, judging from the appearance of He Xiangu, she should have a good relationship with the Minglun Messenger, well, the current head soul of Beikui Xuanfan Palace, Qi Si Yunv, otherwise, she would not have said such a thing. .
In addition, the name of the paddle wheel messenger should be called paddle wheel.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei had a lot of credit for the Pingwheel Messenger, the Earth God, the City God, etc. from beginning to end.
“Ah, I’ll leave immediately, leave immediately.”
/In fact, even if Wei Xiaobei was asked to go up the mountain now, he would not go.
The strength of those mountain patrol soldiers alone is not weak. Think about it, there may be many horrors in the palace on the top of the mountain.
Apart from anything else, if Wei Xiaobei didn’t have the knowledge to see He Xiangu in front of him, he would not be able to see through her opponent’s strength at all.
It is just a patrol department.
You must know that the kings and emperors in those myths and legends are all local bosses who dominate one area, and most of their subordinates are divided according to the ancient imperial court system.
Since there is a patrol department, there is at least an internal department within the town. There are no less than six or seven departments.
There is also the God Lord of Songshan Mountain. As one of the Five Mountain God Lords, he is the boss among the earthly gods no matter where he is placed.
In short, Wei Xiaobei calculated that he had no chance of winning.
Now that the other party said this, Wei Xiaobei didn’t react slowly and immediately went down the ladder. If he couldn’t afford to offend him, why couldn’t he hide?
However, Wei Xiaobei remembered something at this time, it was Shi Yanzhen.
Since He Xiangu is the director of the Inspection and Foreign Affairs Department of Songshan Shenjun Mansion, she might know about it.
When Wei Xiaobei asked, He Xiangu really knew: “A young monk? I met him some time ago. He seemed to have gone to Shaoshi Mountain.”
But before Wei Xiaobei could turn around, He Xiangu stopped him again: “You have to be careful, don’t go up Shaoshi Mountain randomly.”
Shaoshi Mountain is not allowed to be climbed randomly? So you can go on it if you are prepared? Or hinting at something?
As Wei Xiaobei rushed towards Shaoshi Mountain, he was thinking about it in his mind.
Although He Xiangu gave very little information, relying on his ability to follow the clues, Wei Xiaobei finally determined the location of Shi Yankun before ascending Shaoshi Mountain.
/Yes, this Shi Yankun is on Shaoshi Mountain.
The high-temperature bird previously controlled by Wei Xiaobei was currently hovering halfway up Shaoshi Mountain.
Following Wei Xiaobei’s order, the high-temperature birds flapped their wings and rushed to the top of the mountain. As a result, Wei Xiaobei subsequently lost contact with them.
The last thing Wei Xiaobei saw through those high-temperature birds wa