Get it with 480 evolution points! This is the reason why Wei Xiaobei is sure that the scarab is dead.
Fortunately, the evolution points of three-star monsters like the Scarab were not weakened, which made Wei Xiaobei feel a little more relaxed.
But the next moment, Wei Xiaobei felt a sting on his face!
not good! This is a sign of extreme danger!
The next moment, Wei Xiaobei saw a ball of fire rushing towards him at an extremely fast speed from the sand in the distance!
Its speed was beyond the range that the naked eye could see, so what Wei Xiaobei saw was a continuous line of fire!
Precision calculation starts!
It’s Chi Ji! It turned out to be Chi Ji!
In an instant, Wei Xiaobei realized that he had no way to deal with this red beast.
The big gun was still stuck in the Scarab’s mouth. According to the speed at which the opponent was charging, he wouldn’t even have time to raise his fists before he would be thrown in the face by the opponent!
Maybe in the next moment, I will be lit by Red Pit and become a high-quality human candle!
Although Wei Xiaobei didn’t know how the red bird could ignite the enemy in an instant, he would never want to try this feeling.
To be honest, from Wei Xiaobei’s point of view, this red beast is not an ordinary three-star creature at all, at least it should be around three-star terror!
/Its speed is simply too abnormal, and its ability to instantly ignite enemies is equally abnormal.
But all these thoughts only last for a moment.
But if I think about it again, I really want to be lit as a human candle.
Let’s start in a big way! Early warning rebound starts!
At this time, Wei Xiaobei no longer thought about how to deal with the enemy, and completely left it to his body’s instincts!
The next moment, Wei Xiaobei took a slight breath without thinking. All the breath in his meridians suddenly concentrated in his lungs. In the blink of an eye, his lungs contracted rapidly!
Strong air pressure gathered in the mouth for an instant, and the tightly closed mouth could no longer be closed.
Mixed with a little steam, it gave off a light white aura, and in a blink of an eye it turned into a white air column, like a needle, stabbing towards the oncoming red phoenix!
There was a soft sound, and Chi Ji didn’t even have time to react, as he was immediately penetrated by the Qi needle.
Even so, Wei Xiaobei was still blinded by the flames on his face. If Wei Xiaobei hadn’t reacted quickly and closed his eyelids, both eyes would have been destroyed.
But there was just a burning pain on his face, and the imagined whole body being set on fire did not appear.
When Wei Xiaobei opened his eyes, he saw that the previous flame disappeared, and a red bird the size of a fist fell down, with a terrible wound from its chest to its back running through its body, completely severed. its vitality.
Get 500 evolution points.
Before the crimson bird could fall to the ground, Wei Xiaobei stretched out his hand like lightning and caught the bird in his hand.
Is this Chi Ji?
I have to