orce, and he easily broke away from the volcanic rock.

However, it was of no use to break free. When Wei Xiaobei came into contact with the magma again, the magma solidified again. After several times of this, Wei Xiaobei stopped doing such useless work, just like a human stick. In the volcanic rock, waiting for possible changes in the beads.
“Are you okay now?”
Ao Yan’s voice sounded weaker than before.
/Wei Xiaobei turned around and saw that the fire on Ao Yan was slowly fading away. Even the color of the dragon’s scales quickly changed from red to gray, like weathered rocks.
“What did you spit out? Blood from your heart?”
Wei Xiaobei was not a fool. He didn’t need to follow the clues and understood it after just a little thought.
The heart’s blood is, to put it bluntly, the essence of one’s body.
This thing does not usually exist in the body, but when needed, it can be condensed with energy and spirit.
To put it simply, a mouthful of blood is at least one-tenth of the essence of the whole body.
In other words, Ao Yan had paid a high price to save himself before.
Wei Xiaobei’s heart sank, and his eyes felt wet for no reason.
To say that Wei Xiaobei and Ao Yan became friends before, maybe they had some utilitarian thoughts subconsciously.
Well, no one can completely rule this out.
But now, Wei Xiaobei felt a little more sorry for Ao Yan.
“I’m not stupid. Anyway, this transformation is about suffering, and spitting out my heart’s blood makes me feel more relaxed.”
Ao Yan looked at Wei Xiaobei with a look that said, “Believe it or not, I believe it myself.”
Wei Xiaobei didn’t say anything more and nodded, seemingly believing Ao Yan’s words.
Next, Ao Yan seemed to be a little depressed. He lay down and curled up into a ball, but he didn’t stop talking: “You kid is lucky to get such a treasure. It’s a pity. If I had known before I transformed. If so, I’ll snatch it away to avoid suffering now.”
“Stop talking nonsense. Is this bead really useless to you?”
How could Wei Xiaobei not know what Ao Yan was thinking? He just used these words to save himself from feeling guilty.
“It’s useless, this baby has already recognized its owner.”
Ao Yan’s body was shaking slightly in pain, but a smile appeared in the corner of his eyes.
People who don’t understand the reason may think that the beads are delivered to Wei Xiaobei and they claim their ownership.
But only Wei Xiaobei knew that if it hadn’t been for Ao Yan’s blood spraying on it, the bead would never have been activated. As for recognizing its master, the state at this time may be that it was recognizing its master.
/Wei Xiaobei sighed softly and fell silent, making the place quiet. Apart from the occasional hissing of the magma as it cooled, Ao Yan did not speak again.
As time passed, the magma around Ao Yan cooled down, and what was originally a huge magma lake turned into a solid volcanic rock.
Wei Xiaobei struggled to get up, freed himself from the shackles of the volcanic rock, walked a few steps, came to Ao Yan, and sat down cross-le