y it, and said disdainfully from afar: “What do you mean by being seriously injured? I’m obviously just a scratch, do you want to curse me?”

Quan Kai slowly walked into the ward and said with an awkward smile: “Renwu, it’s my fault that I can’t speak, but I really came to visit you. Look, I even brought some fruit.” Quan Kai’s hand turned out to be true. Carrying a fruit basket.
Wei Renwu sat up and immediately took out an apple from the fully opened fruit basket and gnawed it. While gnawing, he said, “I’m afraid you’re not here to visit me, but to get some clues about the ‘Death’. ”
Quan Kai said: “Oh? Do you really think so?”
“Yes, that’s what I think. Don’t I know you well?”
Quan Kai sighed softly: “To be honest, I am indeed interested in the ‘God of Death’, but having said that, Renwu, you and Xingchen have gone through so many things, but you are not willing to ask me for help at all. In the end, you yourself I was hurt, and it made me blame myself, and if I had been there, the outcome might have been different.”
“Don’t!” Wei Renwu interrupted, “Don’t take the responsibility on yourself. You have nothing to do here. I can handle a case like this on my own. How dare I ask you, a great detective, to help me?” What’s more, the injury was just due to my carelessness, so don’t blame yourself, and don’t even think about touching my case.”
Quan Kai laughed loudly and said: “Renwu, Renwu, I will not steal your case. Who do you think I am?”
/“At least not this time.” Quan Kai said seriously, “I promise.”
Wei Renwu threw away the apple with only the core left, and said: “I believe you for once, but if you don’t come to the Three Treasures Hall for anything, you are definitely not here to visit a doctor. Tell me the real reason why you came here.”
Quan Kai sighed softly: “As expected, I still can’t hide it from you. I really need your help with something.”
“Help?” Wei Renwu interrupted again and said in surprise, “Is there nothing wrong with my ears?”
Quan Kai shook his head and said, “You have very good ears and you can hear very clearly.”
Wei Renwu laughed so loudly that tears burst out from his eyes. He laughed so hard that all the injuries in his body ached. He laughed and said, “This is the first time I’ve heard that you asked me for help.”
Yue Ming, who stood aside and did not want to disturb the two people’s reminiscing about old times, said at this time: “Is there anything difficult that Mr. Quan can’t solve?”
“This” is full of words but stops talking.
/At this time, I heard Wei Renwu put away his laughter and said seriously: “When will we set off?”
Yue Ming’s jaw almost dropped. He asked in surprise: “You just agreed?”
Wei Renwu replied lightly: “Yes, I agreed.”
Quan Kai chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll wait until you recover from your injuries.”
Wei Renwu lifted the quilt, stood up with all his strength, and said, “I’m fine.”
Yue Ming asked curiously: “Why are you so active? Are you ready to put aside the ‘God of Death’? For the sake of the ‘God of Death’, you are even willing to put asi