knows that Xiao Tan is calling him to do something more meaningful.

Liu Hongyun is different from the previous Professor Fang. Professor Fang needs to pave the way for their subsequent tasks and need to do a lot of investigations. However, Liu Hongyun’s goal is very clear, which is the microwave oven of the “Miracle Bar”.
So he just had to wait until night before he could take action.
Liu Hongyun waited anxiously in the hotel until seven o’clock in the evening before going out.
/To be honest, Liu Hongyun is a very energetic young man. It is absolutely painful for him to stay in the hotel all day long. But Liu Hongyun has no choice. He can’t stay outside too much. He is outside. The more faces they show, the more traces they leave behind, which will definitely not be beneficial to their mission.
Although Liu Hongyun is an impatient person, when it comes to matters related to the “God of Death”, he can always show patience beyond his years.
Liu Hongyun arrived at the door of the “Miracle Bar” at 7:40, just after dinner.
The number of guests in “Miracle Bar” at this time can be counted with the fingers of one hand, but Liu Hongyun chose to come to the bar at this time. Why is this?
In fact, Liu Hongyun’s purpose is very simple. He just wants to miss Wei Renwu. Professor Fang was almost discovered by Wei Renwu last time. He cannot make the same mistake again. He must be careful.
Wei Renwu will arrive at the “Miracle Bar” after nine o’clock, which means Liu Hongyun still has eighty minutes to complete his investigation.
Everyone is a guest. No matter who the guest is or when the guest comes, the bartender should treat him like a VIP.
So when Liu Hongyun just walked into the bar, the bartender came up to him and asked, “How many guests are there?”
Liu Hongyun awkwardly stretched out a finger to indicate that she was alone, and then asked: “Do you still have a seat in the bar?”
/The waiter smiled and said: “At this point, there are seats everywhere. I wonder what kind of seats the guests would like?” This is true, the nightlife of Jiuyanqiao has not started yet, and the most popular bar, “Miracle Bar”, There are a lot of empty positions.
Liu Hongyun said: “I like to sit in the corner.” So Liu Hongyun pointed to a place, but what neither he nor the waiter expected was that the place Liu Hongyun pointed to was exactly where Wei Renwu usually sat.
The waiter shook his head in embarrassment and said, “Well, I’m really sorry. That seat has been reserved. Please choose another seat.”
Liu Hongyun seemed to only like that location, so he asked: “I won’t be able to stay here for long. Maybe after I leave, the guest hasn’t come yet, so when is he going to come?”
The waiter said: “He usually comes after nine o’clock, but he is a frequent visitor to our place. That seat is almost his exclusive seat. He doesn’t like others to sit in his seat, so the guest is really sorry.”
At nine o’clock, regular customer, exclusive seat. With these three factors added up, Liu Hongyun realized that the person the waiter mentioned was pr