that listening to the Great Compassion Mantra would make people feel peaceful and make it difficult for them to have any evil thoughts, while the noise would make people feel extremely irritable. Listening to it just a little bit more would make people have thoughts in their minds. A burst of bloodthirsty impulse even amplified the negative emotions in his heart.

These two sounds were intertwined, causing the emotions that appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s heart to rise and fall at times.
Fortunately, strong willpower appeared immediately and suppressed this disturbed emotion.
Wei Xiaobei could easily resist the changes caused by this sound, but Wei Xingwu on the side could not. He only listened to a few more sentences and he was caught.
/His eyes were extremely red and streaming with tears, as if he had seen something that made him extremely sad. With his right hand, he grabbed the pistol Wei Xiaobei had given him for self-defense. With dull eyes, he moved the muzzle of the gun to his temple.
Wei Xiaobei stretched out his hand and snatched away Wei Xingwu’s pistol. Seeing Wei Xiaobei take away his pistol, Wei Xingwu opened his mouth and bit down hard. Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei had taken out his dentures before. .
After two unsuccessful attempts to seek death, Wei Xingwu grabbed a dead branch from the ground and thrust it into Wei Xiaobei’s temple. Wei Xiaobei knew that this guy must be affected and had some problems, and he didn’t have time to fight with it, so he just reached out. He slashed his neck and knocked him unconscious.
At this time, the war between the golden light and the black mist had entered a fever pitch.
As the sound of Sanskrit chanting continued, a palm-sized golden Buddha statue suddenly emerged from Leng Xinxing’s forehead. He opened his mouth and sprayed a small golden light toward the black mist, like a golden needle.
But the next moment, a black human figure with the same size as a palm appeared from the black mist. Its whole body was shrouded in the black mist, and its appearance was completely unclear. In the blink of an eye, it rushed towards the Buddha statue. .
Wei Xiaobei watched the battle between the Buddha statue and the black humanoid, but he felt secretly fearful in his heart.
What happened to Leng Xinxing?
how so?
You must know that before entering the gray world, Wei Xiaobei was not aware of the existence of the golden light and black mist on Leng Xinxing.
In this case, there is only one answer.
/Leng Xinxing encountered some things after entering the gray world.
Perhaps two strong men were fighting, and after Leng Xinxing left the gray world, the two strong men still started fighting with Leng Xinxing’s body.
Before the fight between the two came to an end, Wei Xiaobei had no intention of getting involved.
At this time, Leng Xinxing naturally felt uncomfortable. The two forces used his body as a battlefield to fight each other. The uncomfortable feeling inside was unknown to outsiders.
It can be seen from the continuous cold sweat on Leng Xinxing’s body that he can no lo