in the bar. There was a presence that attracted his attention.

After a long time, the electorate king finished taking off his makeup, and the electorate king turned back into the young and energetic electorate king.
Wang Xuanxuan put away his makeup box, took out his mobile phone, and dialed a series of unfamiliar numbers.
Not long after, the call was dialed, and a mature and steady voice came from the other side of the phone: “Hey, is this Yunchang?”
Wang Xuanxuan said solemnly: “Yide, it’s me. I have already thought of the method of the final blow. I need you to help me.”
/It turned out that on the other end of the phone was Professor Fang, a member of the “Reaper” code-named “Yide”.
Professor Fang said: “Whatever you want from me, just ask.”
Wang Xuanxuan said: “I heard from Han Sheng before that you decided to open a breakthrough to kill Wei Renwu in the form of a microwave oven explosion, so I made a special trip to the ‘Miracle Bar’ in order to find the microwave oven that exploded and gave Wei Renwu a fatal blow. Way to attack.”
Professor Fang said: “Since you called me, I think you should have thought of a way to give Wei Renwu a fatal blow.”
Voter Wang replied: “Yes, I have indeed thought of a way. Before I walked into the bar toilet, I found a nail on the edge of the door frame that was a little loose. This is my solution.”
Professor Fang praised: “The nails are a good idea. You want to use the microwave oven as a gun and the nails as bullets. When the microwave oven explodes, you can push the nails and hit Wei Renwu, right?”
Wang Xuanxuan laughed and said: “Yide is really powerful. I only raised the nail once, and you thought of all my plans. That’s right, I will use the nail to give Wei Renwu a fatal blow. When the time comes, I will be in the microwave oven.” Put nine iron nails next to it, and I just want you to help me calculate the specific placement of the nails, so that I can kill Wei Renwu smoothly.”
Professor Fang said: “I can do this, but it will take me some time.”
Voter Wang said: “There is plenty of time. I don’t expect to take action until a week later, so I will give you five days. You should be fine.”
/Professor Fang replied: “It’s more than five days. I only need three days.”
Wang Xuanxuan said: “Then I’ll wait for your good news.”
Professor Fang said: “In three days, I will draw a picture for you. If you place the nails according to the position of the picture, there will be no problem.”
So Chosen Wang hung up on Professor Fang.
Three days, there are three more days, and he cannot be idle during these three days. He must make preparations for himself.
Voter Wang took out his laptop, turned it on, and connected to the hotel’s wifi.
Fortunately, the hotel’s wifi is not satisfactory, otherwise Mr. Wang would have to find a new hotel.
The hotel’s Internet speed was not fast, but there was no problem opening the web page, so Voter Wang opened the web page of the recruitment website.
Why do voters like Wang log on to recruitment websites? Is he short of work? No, he has a r