ed by this pencil sharpener.

“If she lost it, it’s not hers anymore. I found it at your house, so it belongs to you. If she took it away, it’s divided. So if you want to be angry, you should first get Zhou Dong Take the pencil sharpener back.” Shangguan Dandan and Liu Changan talked about the matter.
“I’m not angry, just put my electrical appliances back.” If it were anyone else, Liu Changan would have already talked about physics with her.
Shangguan Dandan drank the effervescent water quickly without making a slurping sound, but Liu Changan was attracted by her bulging cheeks again, and then looked away.
After she drank the water, she glanced at Liu Changan, then forcefully opened Liu Changan’s palm and placed her thermos in Liu Changan’s hand.
Liu Changan watched Shangguan Dandan walk into the room. She came to the electric heating table, puffed up her cheeks, squatted down slightly, held the edge of the electric heating table with her hands together, then opened her eyes wide and held it in for a while. The momentum started to increase.
“I can’t move it.” Shangguan Dandan gave up and turned to look at Liu Changan.
Even Zhou Dongdong knows that when moving something, you need to hold both sides with both hands to exert force. To lift a large object by only pinching the contact points of a few fingers, this is a mentally retarded behavior, and it is done deliberately. It is also mentally retarded behavior.
Liu Changan has not forgotten that one time he blocked her from watching TV, and she pushed him away casually. Although he did not deliberately take precautions at the time, even so, there were only a few creatures on the earth who could do this.
/“Dandan, Zhou Shuling bought this for me. I know you like electric heating tables, and I can buy you one, but even if you have your own electric heating table and TV, you will find that you still like to sit in my In the living room, fighting for seats with Zhou Dongdong, and arguing with everyone about which channel to watch, this is what you really like.” Liu Changan walked in, put down the thermos in his hand, and touched Shangguan Dandan’s head.
Shangguan Dandan raised his hand, held down the big hand on her head, scratched the back of his hand, then bit his lip and nodded.
“I’ll do it myself.” Liu Changan didn’t expect her help anymore and started to move things.
“I will help you.” Shangguan Dandan looked left and right, holding the computer mouse in his hand.
“You have been of great help.” Liu Changan nodded to express his gratitude.
“Then I’ll get you a mouse pad.” Shangguan Dandan tried his best to provide a little more help.
Liu Changan nodded in addition to nodding.
After Liu Changan finished moving the electrical appliances, reorganized and tidied up the room, and watched TV in front of the electric heating table for a while, it was noon. Liu Changan took Shangguan Dandan, Zhou Dongdong and Zhou Shuling to eat at the buffet.
/The choice is still the buffet at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. There are not many categories but not many. It is more cost-effe