n Wende is your boss and your livelihood depends on him, so you would rather get divorced than leave your job.”

Wei Renwu spoke very slowly. He was observing Xiao Hua’s every move. When Xiao Hua began to sweat on his forehead, it meant that his guess was correct.
“About that time, you have been planning how to kill Shen Wende, and the responsibility does not fall on you.”
Xiao Hua didn’t answer.
“Without your own conscience, you tried your best to please Shen Wende, and even invited him to keep two apartments together when building this apartment. You could live next door, but you had to choose to live upstairs. At that time, you designed This is the solution.”
Although Xiao Hua didn’t speak, Duke did: “Mr. Wei, what do you mean, can you make it clearer?”
“Mr. Xiao first lived above Shen Wende’s house, and then personally participated in the installation of the entire building’s security system, just to prepare for this situation a year later.”
“What kind of situation?”
“Now, let’s talk about the situation before Shen Wende’s death. Shen Wende and Xiao Hua participated in banqueting customers together. Shen Wende got very drunk, while Xiao Hua got very drunk in order to be able to deal with his plan soberly. Few, so from the surveillance we can see Xiao Hua helping Shen Wende, who was already unconscious, to go home.”
Everyone held their breath and listened carefully to Wei Renwu’s statement.
Duke questioned: “We have seen all this, and Xiao Hua also left later. If the murderer was Xiao Hua, how did he push Shen Wende downstairs? If he pushed Shen Wende downstairs at that time, this is different from the autopsy. The time of Shen Wende’s death in the report does not match.”
“It’s true that he didn’t push Shen Wende downstairs immediately.”
“Later, he also returned to his house and did not go out again. Could it be that he knew how to walk through walls and walked through to Shen Wende’s house? Or did he open a tunnel and get into Shen Wende’s house?”
“What exactly is that?”
“Let me ask you, where is Shen Wende’s home?”
/“It’s in room 1111.”
“Where does Xiao Hua live?”
“No. 1211.”
“Where did Xiao Hua return after seeing Shen Wende off?”
“Room 1211.”
“Which room should Xiao Hua send Shen Wende to?”
“Room 1111.”
Wei Renwu shook his head sharply and said, “No, it’s a big mistake.”
Duke’s thoughts were a little messy. He lowered his head and said, “Wait, I have to find out. Room 1111 where Xiao Hua sent Shen Wende and room 1211 where he returned. This is what we saw on the surveillance camera. What’s wrong?”
Wei Renwu chuckled and said, “Because the room Xiao Hua sent Shen Wende back to was not room 1111 at all.”
At this point, Xiao Hua’s eyes twitched.
Among these people, only Yue Ming was not surprised, because after following Wei Renwu for a day of investigation, he could roughly get a glimpse of the truth.
Duke wondered: “If it’s not Room 1111, where else could it be?”
Wei Renwu replied: “It’s not Room 1111. Xiao Hua sent Shen Wende back to Xiao Hua’s own home – Room 1211.”