nd lamented the evil deeds of the old thief. Especially after counting them one by one, they found that this guy is really too numerous to describe!

And when the time reached noon.
The news that Chu Kuang’s song “Die Lian Hua” became a college entrance examination question finally spread to the Internet
ps2: Thank you to the leader of Huan Yu, for kneeling for the boss ▄█?█●, you are invincible
Netizens were all shocked when they saw the news, especially the Qinzhou netizens who were stunned!
“You really keep up with current events. The reading comprehension test of this year’s Qinzhou College Entrance Examination actually used Chu Kuang’s “Die Lianhua”?”
“No reason!”
“How long has it been since this poem came out?”
“There must be something wrong with the original question, so I changed the test question. This poem is still very new to high school students. Will they be able to do it?”
“too difficult!”
“I can’t even do that!”
“Hahahahahaha, the old thief is getting more and more crazy, and he even started tormenting high school students.”
“This generation of college students will hate Chu Kuang to death!”
“I feel sorry for my niece who is taking the college entrance examination. She is a huge fan of Chu Kuang!”
“My little treasure was so angry when he came back that he almost tore up Chu Kuang’s “Detective Poirot”. Many high school students in Qinzhou are fans of Chu Kuang’s books. Young people like this book!”
“Hahahahahaha, the price of being crazy about being a fan is too high!”
Compared to the unkindness of netizens, the candidates in Qinzhou were furious!
“The old thief and I are at odds with each other!”
“What’s the point of writing such difficult words for this old thief?”
“Obviously I have read this poem beforehand, but I can’t even do the reading comprehension!”
“This old thief Chu Kuang really didn’t get his name for nothing!”
“Chu Kuang, come out here, I promise not to beat you to death!”
“Old thief Chu Kuang, just be a human being!”
“You tricked me to death!”
“Why is old thief Chu Kuang harming our candidates from Qinzhou? Why don’t you harm the candidates from other continents!”
“This year’s Chinese language course is too difficult!”
“Chu Kuang’s shooting range has been increased. It used to only target readers, but now it targets all high school graduates!”
The parents were also dumbfounded.
After taking the Chinese language test, the candidates in Qinzhou actually united to scold the old thief Chu Kuang. But from another perspective, it didn’t seem to be a big deal, because not only one person found the poem Chu Kuang difficult, but all the candidates found it difficult!
The result is the same.
It will not affect everyone’s admission to high-level recruitment.
in addition.
This matter really can’t be said to be Chu Kuang’s fault.
/Chu Kuang couldn’t decide the college entrance examination questions. The test questions must be decided by the person who took the exam. He should scold the person who took the exam. In the end, Chu Kuang took all