the official release of this game!

In fact, it’s not like he never thought about going back to the hotel to continue playing, but when he thought that the hotel suite cost 500,000 yuan a night, he was disgusted!
Five hundred thousand a night?
Do you think I’m stupid?
Even if I, Harvey, were to die and jump from here, I wouldn’t be able to get that 500,000-per-night suite at the Fish Dynasty Hotel!
The worst thing I can do is bear it for a few days without playing!
As a result, Harvey just endured it for several days. For this reason, he even blocked the landing box group he created.
The group has been discussing this game.
Harvey was afraid that he had seen too much and couldn’t help itching his hands, so he went to Yu Dynasty Hotel to get a suite for 500,000 yuan a night.
/He had never thought of getting a regular room.
Harvey has grown so old that he only lives in hotel suites. This is something everyone in the industry knows, and many people admire him for this.
Harvey attaches great importance to style, especially face.
Today he was finally liberated. He opened the landing box and grouped everyone in Aite:
“Come and fight!”
Harvey is the one with the highest status among this group of second-generation rich people. When he speaks, the group immediately becomes lively.
“Master Ha is here!”
“I read the introduction, and this game has a team mode. Four people can form a team together!”
“Group up!”
“We have more experience than other players. We will be a dream team when we enter soon. We will win the chicken!”
“Nothing wrong!”
“I have been playing in this hotel for so long. One of them really likes it, and the other is just wanting to get familiar with the game before other players, so that when the game is released, I can kill everyone!”
“The Gunslinger is here!”
“It’s fun when there are more people. It’s not fun for us players in the hotel to fight civil war all the time. Okay, it’s time, we can download the official version.”
The hotel’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an internal beta version.
Everyone needs to download the official version by themselves. The price is 80 yuan, which these rich second generations don’t care about.
Everyone has downloaded it.
Harvey found three familiar friends to form a team.
enter the game.
Before Harvey could speak, several best friends suddenly became excited and started discussing one after another:
“The official version actually has skins!”
“Look at the introduction. It’s not that the official version of the game has skins. We can only use the skins when playing in the hotel. This is a skin limited to Fish Dynasty Hotel, which means other players can’t use it!”
“I’ll go, this hotel is really sensible, and the skin is so handsome!”
“This is the camouflage uniform of the Blue Star First Class Army. It looks much better than the tattered white shirt before!”
“I like this golden dress. It’s absolutely stunning to wear this. A group of people will definitely want to kill me, but it doesn’t matter. I just want to be more han