hat year, you are willing to respect I am a mother.”

Liu Changan had a headache. In fact, because of the need for identity or other reasons, he had done a lot of things to recognize his father and mother. But the key is that those parents have now returned to dust and earth, but this Shangguan Dandan is still alive and well. She didn’t even suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and she didn’t know how many years she had been in the coffin, but she just remembered that he was her son.
“Do you still remember Emperor Xuan Liu Xun?” Shangguan Dandan sat down uprightly. It was time to teach him the principles of life and doing things.
Liu Changan nodded. This was the man who got the throne after Liu He was deposed.
“Liu Xun’s wife was originally Xu Guangping’s daughter Xu Pingjun. She gave birth to Liu Xun’s son Liu Xi. Not long after, you were deposed. Liu Xun became the emperor. He named his wife Jieyu. Jieyu’s position I did it too, and she was going to be the queen later. At this time, my aunt was also married to Liu Xun. Of course, my aunt was the youngest daughter of my grandfather Huo Guang. Everyone in the court made Liu Xun and my aunt Huo Chengjun the queen. Queen. Do you know what Liu Xun did at this time?” Shangguan Dandan’s eyes widened so that Liu Changan could clearly see the majesty in her eyes.
“Liu Xun issued an edict to find the sword he had lost while fighting in Chang’an City when he was humble. To show that he did not forget his old feelings, he was telling the court that he wanted him to ignore the old feelings and abandon Guangping to establish Huo Chengjun. Impossible.” Liu Chang’an praised, “As expected of Liu Xun, the entire Western Han Dynasty has four emperors with temple titles, Emperor Gao, Emperor Wen, and Emperor Wu. Seriously speaking, the emperor who allowed the so-called strong man to show the strongest national power is Liu Xun , but later generations valued martial arts more, so Liu Xuncai was often ranked after Emperor Wu.”
/When Liu Xun took over Liu He’s throne, Liu Changan had no objection at all. He was a man of virtue and talent. In terms of being an emperor, there were only a few people whose talents could rival Liu Xun’s in the entire feudal empire era.
“It’s good that you know, are you not as good as Liu Xun? Liu Xun will look for his old lost sword, but you don’t even want me?” Shangguan Dandan walked around holding a thermos bottle, and he became very angry just thinking about it. , because Liu Changan failed to live up to his expectations, he was deposed and replaced as emperor, so Shangguan Dandan was moved back and forth between Weiyang Palace and Changle Palace. Shangguan Dandan’s little carriage jolted and fell apart, and it took several repairs. This time, Shangguan Dandan was heartbroken that those Guo who were pulling the carriage for him had dismounted.
Thinking of this, Shangguan Dandan put down the thermos bottle and stroked his injured electric pony with distress. Whether it was the pony drawn by the horse or the current electric pony, it was all because of L