o write book reviews really like to speak out.

But when everyone clicked on this book review, they were a little stunned.
/“The real “Journey to the West” is just the practice of Monk Tang alone. The three apprentices are all himself.”
/“I know that when these words came out, everyone felt confused. Don’t rush to scold me. Why don’t I and everyone discuss the novel.”
“Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Monk Sha, and even the White Dragon Horse actually represent Tang Seng’s inner demons. The process of him taming his disciples is the process of suppressing his own desires!”
“Otherwise, the journey to the West to obtain the Buddhist scriptures is one hundred and eighty thousand miles, and Sun Wukong’s somersault also happens to be one hundred and eighty thousand miles? Isn’t it such a coincidence? Why not let Sun Wukong take him there with just one somersault? We have to walk a long road and go through ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties? Because it doesn’t exist at all! It is just one of Tang Zeng’s biggest desires, which is to take a shortcut to reach the sky in one step. In addition, Sun Wukong also represents impulsiveness and wildness. This monkey is straightforward and unscrupulous. He is steady and not modest, but he is very bold in the early and middle stages!”
“Zhu Bajie is a lustful person, which represents lust. I believe everyone will be deeply impressed by the plot of the Daughter’s Kingdom. In fact, there is not much danger in the Daughter’s Kingdom, but why did Chu Kuang write a big book about it? Just because Tang Seng is also a human being. There will be seven emotions and six desires, and the heart towards Buddha should not be moved by ordinary hearts, so this plot is very important, Tang Seng wants to explore his love relationship here!”
“And Monk Sha”
“So the tribulations on the way are all tempered by Tang Monk’s heart. Keeping the ape in mind will realize enlightenment, binding the mind horse to transform into a dragon, abstaining from greed and sex, there are eight abstinences, abstaining from killing and anger, which will lead to pure enlightenment. Purity of body and mind towards the Buddha, where the heart is Western Heaven!”
“The so-called journey to the west is the practice of Tang Monk!”
It seems like
That makes sense?
How many masters and disciples are Tang Seng’s obsessions and inner demons?
Comment section.
Some people even suddenly responded:
“It seems to be a bit like the theory of the Five Elements. Monkey Sun is Tang Monk’s heart ape. The Heart Monkey belongs to fire and likes movement, so it is called Walker. It wants to realize enlightenment. Zhu Bajie is Tang Monk’s kidney water. It belongs to water and governs the seven emotions and six desires, so it is called Bajie. It wants to realize enlightenment. What can be done and what cannot be done, so the Dharma name is Wu Neng. Water and fire are incompatible and require the reconciliation of earth, so there is Monk Sha who seems to have no sense of existence, because earth must reconcile contradictions without fighti