generation and the last of the three generations of disciples in Lu Bei. How can he be so suppressed that he can’t hold his head up!

Mei Wangsu’s eyes were bloodshot, and his whole body was bursting with mana. He used his body as a sword to release his boundless sword intent, and at the moment when Lu Bei was knocked back, he raised the elder’s sword with both hands.
The black sword of the dual cultivator of life and life was broken into two pieces. Mei Wangsu gathered the small world and integrated it into his own body. His magic power broke through the shackles all the way, reaching a level that Lu Bei could not sense.
The Broken Sword Technique is the Tianjian Sect’s version of the Demon Sect Explosive Seed Technique.
There was no sword in his hand, and Mei Wangsu only had one sword left. The innate sword energy absorbed the sword intention in the broken sword, and his whole body turned pale.
/The black hair danced wildly and turned into silver. As he breathed out, the sword body flashed with metallic luster. The two eyebrows were like cut-offs. The white to black pupils of his eyes disappeared, and the white sword light burst out.
The extremely powerful sword was like a magic weapon being unsheathed. Lu Bei looked directly at it and felt an extremely stinging pain.
/The next second, he received a sword punch on his face, his body flew out and plunged into the false mountains of the small world.
Break several sword peaks in succession and bury them deeply into the earth.
The golden light broke through the ruins, dividing into three groups to surround Mei Wangsu, or holding a sword, setting up a bow and arrow, and there was a hint of a three-dimensional sword formation in his position.
Three thousand bodies.
Mei Wangsu took a step forward and punched lightly. The pressure of the sword penetrated the void and acted on Lu Bei and the two clones at the same time. When the clones were broken, he was once again pressed backwards and buried in the mountain.
In a sense, this is retribution.
After the sword was broken, Mei Wangsu’s innate sword body became transcendent again. His entire body was like a sword, not bound by the physical body or the rules of heaven and earth. He was born to break the limits.
The golden-winged roc flapped its wings and rushed out of the ruins, but was defeated by the power of a punch and fell into the valley;
The five elements and five images burst into five-color brilliance, but were unable to match the power of a punch and disappeared;
The four spirits of heaven manifested themselves as divine beasts, but they were no match for the power of a punch, and the stars shattered;
The Immortal Sword Intention was exerted with all his strength. Without considering the consumption of mana, Lu Bei used the power of the innate Qi to condense the supreme power. Unable to defeat the power of a punch, the full moon disappeared.
Of course, after suffering this attack, Mei Wangsu also suffered. After the sword was broken, his thinking was slow, and his mind was filled with war and w