shocked. They had also heard about the Great Tide. Rumor has it that the Great Tide can cause the heaven and earth avenues of a universe to suddenly lose all their power. Any magical power will have no power, including the master of the avenue, and he will become a mortal. .

However, the Great Dao Tide is just a legend, and no one in Zhaojie has ever seen it.
“If the tide of the great road comes, won’t we be thrown to death from the sky?” an immortal exclaimed.
They are currently outside the Zhaojie Heavenly Court, tens of millions of miles away from the Heavenly Court.
Ji Cang shook his head and said: “This is not the Great Tide. Although the Great Tide is strange and unpredictable, it has ebbs and highs. When the tide rises, you will resume your cultivation. The Nirvana Tribulation is different. It is when the universe begins to repay the cause and effect.”
Zhaojie Immortal’s eyes fell on him, while Ji Cang looked at Dao Hui Zhixue in his hands, his eyes full of fear.
“The universe repays the cause and effect, and returns the cause and effect of the heaven and earth avenues. The various heaven and earth avenues originating from the universe begin to turn into ashes. From the ten thousand ways, they begin to repay, then to the five elements, to yin and yang, to the five Tais, Wuji, and return to Hongmeng , finally chaos.”
His eyes were hollow, telling these immortals the horror of the great catastrophe of annihilation, “When we repay the cause and effect of the great road of heaven and earth, we also begin to repay the cause and effect of all things. All things in the heaven and earth are born from the flood source, stars, galaxies, and nebulae. All Taoist phenomena must return to the source of the flood.”
“All life will also return to the source of the flood. All things will be destroyed and all species will be extinct. No matter humans or animals, they will all be extinct. Only the Lord of the Great Way can survive. The Lord of the Great Way can only cross by himself, not people.”
“When all living things are extinct and the stars are destroyed, the flood source will collapse itself, destroyed together with the innate spiritual treasures, and return to chaos. Such a reincarnation is the great catastrophe of annihilation.”
/“No one can survive this catastrophe. No one!”
Taoist Master Ji Cang laughed loudly, shook his head and said, “The only one who can survive, the Nirvana Tribulation has used my hands to get rid of him! Luck, this is luck!”
He laughed and walked away. I don’t know whether he is laughing at these immortals in Zhaojie, or laughing at himself for being controlled by fate.
The gray snow between heaven and earth is getting bigger and bigger, fluttering.
The power of Tao between heaven and earth has become much weaker, and this is true for all avenues. The chance of a monk entering the Tao and realizing Taoism has also been greatly reduced. It used to be one in a thousand to ten thousand, but now it is one in a hundred million!
/Moreover, in the process of enlightening and entering the Tao