Killing Sword Intent, and transformed the supreme Exterminating Sword Intent into Make a sword light and run straight towards the person coming!

His other magical powers, whether they are the creation of the earth, the heavens, the dragon dance, or the ten thousand ways, the years, and the reincarnation, are unable to compete with the will of the ancient god.
Only the Zhuxian Sword Intention has the same strength as the opponent, and it is possible to block the opponent.
This sword thrust was more powerful than before. It was the strongest sword Xu Ying had ever used so far!
At the moment when the sword intention flew out, the caves and abyss practiced by the big bell also rotated crazily, and the raging magic power was blessed in this sword.
This sword gained the power of their two masters, and the sword energy penetrated the sky, struck thousands of miles, and encountered the rushing ancient god Yuan Shen!
The sword energy that placed high hopes on one person exploded, and the will of the ancient god’s soul came counterattack along with the sword energy, heading straight for Xu Ying!
Xu Ying desperately urged the Zhuxian Sword Intent to fight against the terrifying will, exerting the Zhuxian Sword Intent to the extreme. The big bell rotated rapidly, and various dojos flowed out on the bell wall, blessing Xu Ying in various dojos. , to boost his cultivation strength.
However, it still couldn’t be stopped.
“Sword Master”
/Xu Ying roared and tried his best to improve his sword power and bring it to its maximum.
Suddenly, he only felt that his sword heart was penetrating, and the time and space barrier between the heavenly and earthly immortal worlds seemed to be broken. A emerald green sword light reflected in the sea of ??consciousness between his eyebrows, separated by infinite time and space, and his The swords and hearts reflect each other.
The next moment, the monstrous sword intent burst out from the center of Xu Ying’s eyebrows and swept away with such force that it pierced the oncoming ancient god’s will in just an instant!
The shattered will of the ancient god is still waiting to be reunited, but the kendo formed by the condensed sword intention explodes at this moment, as if there are countless tiny kendo lights flying through the air, destroying all the broken will of the ancient god!
And that monstrous sword intent came straight towards the Ancient God Yuan Shen, and with a flash of light, it shocked the world of immortals and illuminated half of the sky.
“Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!”
The ground behind the ancient god’s soul continued to crack, and the sword’s intention was invisible, but the sword’s path still formed leaking sword energy after splitting the ancient god’s soul.
Under the influence of the sword energy, the ground cracked for thousands of miles before dissipating.
But in the canyon formed on the ground, there are still remnants of the Zhuxian Sword Intent, which may not dissipate for thousands or tens of thousands of years.
After this sword intent passed, the ancient god Yu