r, even if the martial arts reaches the Immortal Realm, they can only master the martial arts and cannot reach the level of the Dao Master, so the martial arts will never reach the tenth level of the Tao Realm.

“Unless you practice other avenues and complement them!”
Seeing that he was so engrossed in thought, the distant ancestor Dalong stopped moving his eyes and said tentatively: “Master Ying, let me use your other eye. I will only use it and will not take it away from you.”
He occupies the promised other eye.
After a while, the distant ancestor felt that it was not enough and said: “Master Ying, lend me your hand. Don’t worry, I will use it.”
He took Promise’s hands and gently touched the giant’s bones, trying to find out the mystery of the bones.
“Yingzi, let me use your legs too.” Yuanzu naturally took over his legs.
“Xiao Ying, you don’t need this mouth, I can use it.”
The distant ancestor occupied Xu Ying’s mouth, opened his mouth suddenly, and tried to swallow the skeletal giant into his stomach, intending to take it back for study.
It’s just that he is not familiar with this body after all. His mouth has been opened as wide as a basin, but it is far from being able to swallow the giant skeleton.
The distant ancestor was full of resentment and said: “This skeleton is useless.” After that, he walked behind the giant.
Everyone was stunned, only to realize that Xu Daozu seemed to be different from before.
Emperor Ming Dao came to the skeleton and examined it carefully. He found nothing useful and could not help but frown slightly.
Princess Mingman also came to the skeleton, opened her mouth and gestured, and found that she could not swallow it, so she said: “This skeleton is indeed useless.”
They followed “Promise” and came to the back of the skeleton, where they saw an ancient world pressed against the sea of ??chaos.
This world is full of towering mountains, and the light from the abyss above shines here, making this place not dark.
From a distance, everyone noticed that this ancient world was filled with the strange power of the great avenue, which condensed together to form fairy mountains.
/Yuan Weiyang looked around and said: “The place where we came down is the abyss behind the skeleton giant’s head. The abyss is a part of the skeleton giant. And this place should not be part of the skeleton giant, so this should be”
The distant ancestor in front said: “Relics of prehistoric civilization. In the early days of the ancient Dragon Court era, I saw some similar relics.”
Yuan Weiyang showed surprise and hurriedly came to his side. Yuanzu reached out to push her away: “Human woman, you must know the dignity and inferiority.”
Yuan Weiyang was stunned.
Princess Mingman quickly walked to her side and whispered: “Master’s wife, the master seems to have changed.”
Yuan Weiyang felt awe-struck and filled with doubts, and murmured: “Did he just touch the giant skeleton and be taken away from him?”
She couldn’t help but shudder.
Many dragon clans supported Ming Dao Emperor and walked into the rui