“Feng Yanqiu, the master of Siming Palace in Nandou Six Division, died in the battle, and 610 people in Siming Tiangong died in the battle, and 1,800 people were injured;

“Sun Yuanjiang, the master of Silu Palace in Nandou Six Division, died in the battle, and 677 people in Silu Tiangong died in the battle, and 1,900 people were injured;
“Zheng Dabiao, the master of Nandou Liusi Yanshou Palace, died in battle”
Doubu, Dakui Hall.
The reporting officer sorted out the situation in each palace and read it word for word. After hearing the words, Dou Sanzhen in the Dou Department fell silent.
However, the original palace owner of the ancient Helingdu Palace, Xu Xu Tianzun, rebelled and became a thief in the lower world. The current palace owner’s surname is Yang, taboo Yanlong, and is known as Yang Zhenren and Yang Tianzun.
After the reporting officer finished reading, Doube Sanzhen remained silent.
After a while, Yang Yanlong and Zhenren Yang glanced at Huo Changge and Si Chuanzhao, and said slowly: “Two Taoist brothers, the fighting department was seriously injured. They fought against the four palaces in the east and the west in the south, and the six divisions in the south. The palace master was killed, and there were casualties. Jiji, when this matter is revealed, our fighting department is very passive. The two Taoist brothers cannot remain silent. What should we do about this matter? We must come up with a charter?”
Master Si Chuanzhao and Huo Changge looked at each other and said slowly: “Bad things can also turn into good things. Didn’t Tianzun Leibu do it? The three divisions of Leibu destroyed two divisions and suffered heavy casualties. Tianzun Make this a good thing, recruit individual people into the Lei Department, and then release some promotion quotas so that the mortal Qi Refiners can ascend.”
/Huo Changge smiled and said: “There are many direct descendants of Tianzun. Everyone praises Tianzun for his brilliant methods. If Tianzun can do this, we can do the same.”
Si Chuanzhao said: “No matter Tianzun, Emperor Yuanjun, or even Taisui Tianzun, they all want to put people in our Doubu. If we are slow to respond, Doubu will become Wanchun Tower, and they can do whatever they want. Play. We must immediately fill all departments with our own people so that power will not be lost.”
Huo Changge smiled and said: “Our Dou Bu also releases some promotion quotas in the mortal world to recruit some casual people who are loyal to Dou Bu.”
Yang Yanlong said: “As far as I know, when the Lei Department released the quota for ascension this time, no one became an immortal, and Tianzun also made a fuss. He was cursed for a long time and his face was disgraced. The way of heaven, the way of heaven, the world, has been promised. Control, those immortal disciples who tried to ascend to the upper world were all hacked to death.”
/Huo Changge and Si Chuanzhao looked at each other and asked in surprise: “Does the Heavenly Lord have no secrets in the way of heaven?”
The two of them were talking about it, but what th