guys should prepare.” After that, he walked into the Sophora Flower Palace.

Xu Ying and Yuan Weiyang looked at each other, were silent for a moment, and said in unison: “Is he injured? Or is he pretending to be injured to attract another enemy?”
Uncle Xiao was very puzzled and asked quickly: “Who is the other enemy you are talking about?”
/Xu Ying and Yuan Weiyang looked at the big locust tree together. Uncle Xiao followed their gazes and asked doubtfully: “Sir, are you referring to this big locust tree? It’s impossible, the big locust tree is just a tree.”
Xu Ying leaned close to Yuan Weiyang’s ear and whispered: “Your housekeeper is a bit stupid. If you don’t listen to him in everything, it will hurt you.”
Yuan Weiyang was as angry as Lanzhi and whispered: “I know. But sometimes I can’t control him. My mother is very strict and makes me listen to him when I go out.”
Xu Ying said: “I will make you stupid. Your earlobes are so beautiful, crystal clear, like translucent, and can also transmit light.”
Yuan Weiyang’s earlobes turned red.
Uncle Xiao had a sullen face, stepped forward and put his hands between the two of them, separating them.
Xu Ying laughed and said with a smile: “Let’s go back and take a nap, and we will decipher Tuoyu’s Immortal Book tomorrow!”
The night was uneventful.
At midnight, there was a sudden thunder and lightning, the earth shook violently, and the room where the ancestor of the Zhou family, Zhou Qiyun, lived exploded. Everyone rushed out of the room, only to see shadows on the window lattice, and the sound of axes and candle shadows swaying in the room.
Suddenly there was a loud cracking sound, and extremely thick roots burst out of the ground. They were like giant pythons, but even thicker. They were coiled and tightly surrounded Zhou Qiyun’s room!
After a while, the big locust tree shook violently twice and then became silent.
Xu Ying was also in the crowd, wondering what happened in Zhou Qiyun’s room.
At the moment of suspicion, suddenly the door opened under the layers of roots. Zhou Qiyun opened the door from the inside. His complexion was much better than before, and he said: “I borrowed eight thousand years of vitality from fellow Taoist Dahuai, and he is much better now.” .You all go back and rest.”
Xu Ying and Yuan Weiyang’s scalps were numb, and they turned around and walked back silently.
After a while, Yuan Weiyang whispered: “Master Zhong said that Dahuai will be burned to death in eight thousand years.”
Xu Ying nodded silently and said: “He pretended to be injured to lure Da Huai to attack him, but in fact he had the idea of ??taking Da Huai’s life. As long as Da Huai takes action, he will fall into his trap.”
Yuan Weiyang said: “Actually, he was seriously injured.”
Xu Ying’s eyes flashed. When Zhou Qiyunge killed the master of Niwan Palace, he was indeed seriously injured. Da Huai could definitely kill him at that time. But Zhou Qiyun pretended to be injured, but Da Huai did not dare to take action.
After Zhou Qiyun returned to the room and finished the de