They soon disappeared without a trace.
An Qi looked around, looking bleakly, and was about to slip away from the ruins, when suddenly the promised voice came: “Master Qi.”
An Qi hurriedly paused and turned around to see Xu Ying standing outside the city. He quickly blinked his eyes and said with an apologetic smile: “Master Ying, what a coincidence, why are you here.”
“How dare I, Xu Xiaoruan, address me as Master Ying in front of Master Qi?”
Xu Ying said with a half-smile, “These days, you always hang out with Chan Chan. You have a new love, and you even lost me, an old friend. Now you are reaping the consequences, right?”
An Qi said quickly: “How dare Xiao Qi leave Master Ying and find a new love? Isn’t it because Master Ying accompanied Miss Xiangxiang to enjoy the mountains and rivers, and ignored Master Zhong and me?”
Xu Ying snorted, feeling a little unreasonable, and thought to himself: “I have indeed been with Xiangxiang these past few days, wandering around to relax.”
At this time, the big bell flew over in despair. It shook away the dust on the bell wall, and saw that a piece of the bell wall had been rubbed by the fairy light of the five-color fairy king flag. A large piece of copper traces on the surface was wiped away, revealing the brilliant fairy light. Light.
The fairy light was emitted by the fairy gold from Yuzhu Peak in Kunlun Mountain. The fairy gold was given by the Queen Mother of the West, and Xu Ying, Dazhong and An Qi each got a share.
Da Zhong was shocked and doubtful: “The light on my body”
“No need to look anymore.”
Xu promised, “It’s fairy gold for the three of us.”
/“Ancestor Chanchan didn’t cheat?” Xian Qi scratched his head.
Xu Ying looked at the fragments of Feilai Peak scattered all over the place and thought: “Probably not. If it had been withheld, Feilai Peak wouldn’t be so brittle.”
And there is no sheen of fairy gold in these fragments.
“Where is Mr. Cao?” Xu Ying asked.
The grave grass emerged from Gong Qi’s forehead, and it had been hiding in Gong Qi’s body.
The calamity was still falling downwards. Xu Ying looked towards the center of the ruins. Many soldiers surrounded the place. The Emperor of Zhou was surrounded, not knowing whether he was alive or dead.
Many soldiers raised the Immortal King’s flag in an attempt to stop the heavenly catastrophe, but the thunder fell, bypassed the Immortal King’s flag, and struck the Emperor of Zhou.
“The heavenly calamity is still going on. It seems that Emperor Zhou is not dead.” Xu Ying marveled at his vitality.
“Brother Ji, I can shield Tianji so that Heavenly Tribulation cannot sense you. Emperor Wu sank because I blocked Tianji, so Heavenly Tribulation never continued.”
Xu Ying smiled and said, “Brother Ji, do you need help?”
“Need not.”
The voice of Emperor Zhou came from the crowd. He was out of breath and seriously injured. He said in great difficulty, “I must survive this disaster. Brother Xu, please.”
Xu Ying left with Gian Qi and Dazhong. Gian Qi was a little puzzled and asked, “Ah Ying, why doesn’t he