even bring calamity to the Yuanshou world.”

Emperor Zhou frowned: “The punishments imposed on behalf of the heavenly tribulation are usually for the most evil people. Moreover, those who overcome the tribulation will definitely die.”
/Taishi Jiang said: “Destroying the people of a city and a state and overcoming the tribulation can lead to punishment from the gods. There are many such people in our court, and I am willing to go and persuade them to let them overcome the tribulation.”
/Emperor Zhou was furious: “You mean to ask me to order them to die? They are meritorious officials. Even if they massacre the city and destroy the country, it was me who gave the order to massacre the city and destroy the country! How can I win the trust of the world if I let them survive the disaster?”
Taishi Jiang bowed and said: “For the great cause of Qianqiu, they must sacrifice.”
Emperor Zhou said coldly: “I didn’t sacrifice you, of course you can say it easily!”
Taishi Jiang’s face remained as usual and he said: “Their sins are far inferior to mine. For Your Majesty’s great cause, I destroyed a creature from the heavens, which is a heinous crime. After they overcome the tribulation, I will also overcome the tribulation, which will attract more gods.”
Emperor Zhou was furious: “You, you”
Taishi Jiang said: “The way of heaven is ruthless. Only ruthless people can compete with heaven. Only a wise man who is ruthless can be extremely wise. Even he is just a pawn.”
Emperor Zhou hesitated.
At this time, Emperor Cangwu came over and said with a smile: “The gods have already descended to the lower world, why do you need to go through the tribulation to attract the gods? Just go to each world to find them.”
Xu Ying, Zhou Tianzi and Jiang Qi’s hearts moved slightly, and they all looked at him.
Emperor Cangwu smiled and said: “I have been dead for many years, and the movements in the heavens and the world are not hidden from my eyes and ears. Not long ago, many gods descended from the lower realms and landed in various worlds, causing great harm. . If you are looking for gods, there is no need to undergo tribulations or sacrifices, just go to those worlds to look for them.”
Xu Ying was surprised and said: “Why do these gods suddenly descend to the realm on a large scale?”
He suddenly remembered that the god Tianji who stood up for Beichenzi and Yutang also suddenly went down to the world and was killed by him.
Emperor Cangwu shook his head: “I don’t know either.”
He was puzzled. The gods in the world of heaven were no small matter. It could be seen that something big happened in the lower world, forcing these gods to go down to the world.
However, after these gods came down to the realm, they ran to different heavens without any appearance of doing business, which puzzled him.
What they didn’t know was that the Emperor of Beiyin used the Sansheng Stone to help Xu Ying break the memory seal that day. When it was traced back to Chaoge City, he was noticed by the ancient being in the immortal world who had set the seal, so he o