through many obstacles through ‘teleportation’. After the Elephant Shadow Wing becomes invisible, it can ignore any objects and energy and pass directly through it.

David smiled. Now that he had these three kinds of invisibility, he could make the most appropriate choice according to various situations.
Satisfied, he took the ‘Dark Shadow’ back into the space pendant. He couldn’t rest yet. He had invited Bishop Bolin from the Temple of Earth and Bishop Evans from the Temple of Justice to Dun’er. He couldn’t really ignore them.
David did not sit on the ‘Shadow Pterosaur’ this time. His figure continuously used ‘Space Rush’ and came to the planet-level portal while flashing continuously.
When he came out again, David was already in front of the planet-level portal in the main city of Duner.
He did not hide his level 5 Templar aura, and as soon as he appeared, he was immediately discovered by several level 5 temple powerhouses who were chasing the followers of the evil god.
However, these fifth-level experts were cooperating with the priests to clean up the followers of the evil god. After discovering that the aura was Lord Arthur, they did not stop fighting and only informed the two bishops.
David rose into the air. In the air, he frowned and saw the followers of the evil god with evil auras running around. With a wave of his hand, thirty-nine fourth-level sky knights who had been forming a knight formation in the sky rushed down to join them. The action of killing the followers of the evil god.
/Among these evil god believers, there are no fifth-level bishops at all, and the strongest ones are only level four. The addition of thirty-nine fourth-level sky knights has sealed the possibility of the evil god believers escaping.
When David saw this situation, he was too lazy to take action himself. He flew in the direction of the two bishops.
“Bishop Bolling, Bishop Evans, I’m late for something, please forgive me!” David came to the two bishops and bowed apologetically.
Originally, he invited the two bishops to come over and hunt down the fifth-level bishop, but his master did not show up until now. This was very disrespectful.
“Lord Arthur, this is not something that can be forgiven. Did you see that we are helping you clean up the evil god believers hiding in Duner. You must treat us to a good drink after the battle!” Bishop Evans said with a smile. .
/“How come there are so many followers of the evil god on Dun’er?” David was also very surprised.
He came too late. Many Evil God believers were killed before he came. The main city of Dun’er could not become a trading point for Evil God believers!
“Fortunately, it was discovered early, otherwise you would have helped the Liton family bear this crime!” Bishop Boling shook his head and said.
“Damn the Lyton family, they should be deprived of their nobility status!” Bishop Evans said angrily when he heard the name of the Lyton family.
Although Bishop Evans said this, he also understood that the Lyton family had two fifth-level Templars, and with their remaini