David discovered that when the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ stood in the ‘Source Gathering Disk’, it could actually feed energy back to the ‘Corpse Control Pattern’, and replenish the ‘Perfect Level Kryptonite’ through the ‘Corpse Control Pattern’ energy.
During David’s research on the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ during this period, the energy in the ‘Perfect Level Kryptonite’ has been consumed. Although the consumption rate is nothing to the ‘Perfect Level Kryptonite’, this continuous Consumption, one day the energy in the ‘Perfect Grade Kryptonite’ will be completely consumed.
This is still the non-combat state of the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’. Once it enters the combat state, the energy consumption increases, which further intensifies the energy consumption rate in the ‘Perfect Grade Kryptonite’.
David had the idea to get more ‘perfect grade kryptonite’, but now he accidentally discovered it, which solved this problem.
David told Shadow Attendant that if any life approached at night, he immediately took the ‘Assassin Mantis Puppet’ back into the space ring, and then he also took a rest.
Since the incident of Vice Principal Dryden, the short training class has become uneventful. There has been no violation of the rules, and there has been no situation specifically targeting David.
David also slowly got used to this peaceful life, this life far away from life and death, far away from war.
However, his daily training time did not decrease. On the contrary, because he had more time, he increased the training time for mastering various weapons.
David’s relationship with Emma also became normal because he came to the peaceful world, and he also learned about Emma’s itinerary.
If David had come earlier, he might have met Emma on the Origin Star. Emma is currently on an interstellar tour.
/This tour will establish Emma’s status in the federal music scene and make her a solid new queen.
As this peaceful and happy day passed for a month, David also integrated into the short training class.
His achievements in all aspects were extremely outstanding, especially in ‘Military Command Studies’ and subjects related to space warfare, which surprised the professors who taught there.
Sitting in the classroom, the first two rows of the classroom are occupied by twenty school-level officers. Although everyone in the military academy is a student, military rank is still very important among the students.
“David, do you know about the military parade in the near future?” Since there was still a while before class, Lieutenant Colonel Beckett used this time to ask David.
After spending a month with David, Lieutenant Colonel Beckett spoke much more casually. Of course, this was also because they were both students and there was no need to be addressed by military rank in the military academy.
“Is the military academy preparing to hold a military parade?” David has been focusing on nothing lately. Apart from practicing, he is studying. He has not had much contact with the outside world, so he doesn’t know.
/“It’s not a military