nded, right?

“Because Shangyuan Ye fell in love at first sight, they made love for life, and many even eloped.” Liu Changan lamented, “Many girls at that time only wanted a man to make her fall in love. In “The Legend of Zhang Shunmei Cailuan Lantern”, It is recorded that Zhang Shunmei played at the Shangyuan Festival. Most of the women who were teased by Zhang Xunmei couldn’t help it. Their eyes were dazzled, their minds were confused, their legs were numb, and their feet were numb. They were in a daze for a long time, and their eyes met each other. , that’s how it happened, and that’s how the book was written. If you don’t believe me, you can search for relevant information.”
After listening to Liu Changan’s words, An Nuan took a long breath, but found that Liu Changan was looking at her with a smile on his lips. He held her in his arms, and smelling the familiar smell on his body, An Nuan found that she seemed to be the same. She was exhausted, her heart was confused, her legs were numb, her feet were numb, her face was red, her eyes looked at him softly, all with affection.
/It turned out that this was what he meant when he said we would spend the Lantern Festival together. An Nuan snorted, leaned into his arms and closed her eyes.
(A description of birds was deleted)
“When I came back, I watched a movie on the plane. In it, there was a female killer who took advantage of the assassination target’s mental and physical weakness to kill him.” An Nuan said while holding the back of Liu Changan’s head.
“Do you think it’s appropriate to talk about this now?” Liu Changan looked at her doubtfully. It was really a topic that could adjust the atmosphere.
“Hehe, I just thought about it and said it again. Are you still afraid that I will kill you? Aren’t you a superman?” An Nuan poked Liu Changan’s cheek.
“I stand still and you can’t kill me even if I kill you for a hundred years.”
“That doesn’t necessarily mean I will seduce you. When you can’t help but pounce on me, I will slide a shovel across your crotch and grab your life gate.” An Nuan couldn’t help laughing after saying this.
Liu Changan just looked up at her, then moved his body and lay side by side with her. Many girls always do this. After they have a real intimate relationship and have experienced it many times, she will not keep her white face all the time. The appearance of the Lotus Goddess, those dirty and funny attributes can’t wait to be exposed.
An Nuan was stared at by Liu Changan, so she took the funny pillow next to her to cover her face.
“I have to talk to you seriously and seriously. Can you please stop taking this pillow to cover your face at critical moments? It makes me feel as if I am doing something indescribable with Funny. .” Liu Changan took away her funny pillow very seriously.
“I think I must have been very ugly at that time. My expression must have been distorted and ugly.” An Nuan said sheepishly. She wanted to get the pillow again, but Liu Changan stopped her and stretched out her fingers to cover her face.
“That’s what