ng, and the wings gathered together to study music, chess, calligraphy and painting. For the sake of him, the head of the family, they put down their pride and connected with each other.

As a result, the doors of each quiet room were locked. Not to mention studying piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, no unnecessary hello was said.
Boy, this is so plastic!
“As for Senior Sister Bai, you swore an oath back then. If Taifu had no shame and obeyed me, it would be okay for you to call her sister. Now that the opportunity has come, you should go over and hand over the tea!”
Lu Bei complained that he didn’t keep his word. He walked silently to a quiet room and called his senior sister quietly.
No one responded, as did Sister She and cousin after that. Even Tu Yuan locked the door of his room and refused to respond at all.
“It’s unreasonable, even the dog is ignored.”
Lu Bei’s secret secret was outrageous, and his senior sister, cousin, and Sister She ignored him. He could understand that he usually created a fresh and fresh character, focusing on the sincerity of love. Sometimes the character collapsed, and it was understandable that he would lose fans.
Diplomats like Bai Mao and Da Che are willing to come to the door and sell goods. He has never acted in front of the two women. Why is the door closed?
Want to join in the fun, don’t want to be isolated, don’t want to offend the lady before you even enter the house?
Especially Zhao Shiran, little darling, why did you learn so badly from them?
Lu Bei was heartbroken. Elder Zhao ignored the good wife and mother and insisted on learning the tricks of Lao Shizi’s harem.
/Reluctantly, they realized that this was clearly a multiple-choice question. They were testing themselves, thinking that it was not good to find anyone at this time. After pondering for a moment, they ordered their troops and arrived at Tu Yuan’s door.
Hey, you can’t find a dog even if you are willing to fall!
Lu Bei looked disgusted, took two steps away, violently broke open the door and walked into the house.
He set a restraint, rubbed his hands and walked towards the figure in white with his back turned.
Sitting cross-legged on the ground, holding the beauty in his arms, he lowered his head and kissed her deeply.
Not kissed.
Taifu turned his head to avoid it, slapped away Lu Bei who was munching with his head down, straightened his clothes and sat across from him: “Your Majesty Taisu, please be more solemn. I already have the person I like, and I will not marry again.”
Full of yin and yang, extremely spicy and ironic.
Lu Bei just pretended not to understand and rubbed his hands impatiently: “If you say that, Gu is more interested. Beauty, don’t worry, Gu will not force you. Your heart does not need a second marriage, Gu only wants your person.”
The Taifu rolled his eyes, his yin and yang anger was no match for his shamelessness, and he thought he was unlucky to be pulled into Lu Bei’s arms.
“Beauty, why did you obey so quickly? I thought you would struggle for a while.”
“Your Majesty