gile item.

Swallow it in one gulp.
Taisu was overjoyed when he got the fragments of the Heavenly Book. His body traveled through the rotting bones, biting gold, and destroying the immortal soul. It can’t have any impact either.
In the past, during the war between demons and immortals, the spiritual earth and the human world were connected, forming a void called the Great Wilderness.
This place was the last battlefield for the demon immortals. The Great Heavenly Lord personally took action. The mountains of corpses and seas of blood stretched across thousands of miles, and countless powerful demon clans were buried.
The powerful bloodline did not die for a while, and turned into evil energy that filled every corner of the wilderness. Anyone who comes into contact will be contaminated by the evil energy and inherit the powerful bloodline of the demon clan.
However, entangled in the evil aura, there is also the resentment of the demon clan’s death. Those who inherit the bloodline are attacked by the resentment, and it is difficult to do anything in their confusion. Only a limited number of lucky people can stay awake and trace the origin of the bloodline. , step by step to refine to the realm of the demon clan’s great power.
The Great Wilderness can be regarded as the origin of the current demon clan.
Taisu didn’t know about this, because it was safe and harmless, so he just thought that the evil mist was ordinary water vapor.
He chose a direction to look for the Sutra of Abandonment, intending to release it and punch it twice, but he soon became lost and could not find the location of the crystal wall.
This surprised Tai Su. He thought to himself that his strength was quite good. As a newborn, there was still a lot of room for improvement. He was far from reaching the peak of his bloodline. But looking at it now, he was already a master. There was no reason to walk around. Just lost the direction.
Array, or something else?
Taisu tried many times, manifesting the demon body and dispersing the fog with the true fire of the sun, but in the end he could not abandon the location of Li Sutra.
The mist also showed its strangeness. It was endless and inexhaustible. It was by no means just the evil spirit of the powerful demon clan.
There is something else in the wilderness.
As a newborn, Taisu, like all children, was extremely impatient. After several failed attempts, he simply gave up the search.
That’s it, we’ll talk about it later.
/He randomly picked a direction and continued to move forward, first heading towards the north, the homeland of the God Realm, where many powerful demon clans slept.
As I walked, I turned to the east, and then to the south.
During this period, I encountered several fragments of the Heavenly Book. After realizing it, I felt that it was not suitable for me, so I couldn’t swallow it in one bite and let it go.
I don’t know how long it took, but Tai Su looked at the sky-covering curtain in front of him and found an exit similar to a gate.
The gate of heaven and earth.