d sensing the aftertaste of Taoism transmitted from his mind, Chu Weiyang even had time to be distracted.

Perhaps only such a perfect celestial phenomenon can produce a supreme treasure like Beihai Black Copper!
The more he made progress in the demonstration of this Tao, the more Chu Weiyang gained from the Tao, he could only sigh over and over again at the magnificence of natural phenomena, and even because of the repetition of this emotion, he became more and more frustrated. Gradually the words become poor and pale.
At the same time, Shi Yuting was also looking at the incandescent light and a little bit of spiritual light dust attributed to the endless darkness itself. She could actually see the subtle changes in Sumeru’s power from behind this appearance.
It is precisely because of this observation itself that Teacher Yuting’s eyes shine brighter.
Because these treasures themselves were all condensed in front of Shi Yuting, each one was like this. With the majesty of her thoughts and thoughts, she could even easily recall each of the treasures condensed. How the flames of the dragon firework lingered during the refining process.
That is not the refining and destruction of treasures. What is presented to Shi Yuting in front of Shi Yuting’s eyes is not only the power of Sumeru carried by a certain path, but also the power of the Sumeru carried by this path. The birth and death process of Mi’s power!
Just like the bright light on the other side, a thoroughfare full of bright light unfolded in front of Chu Weiyang and Shi Yuting.
Swish, swish, swish!
One after another, auras of dust are like fireworks, blooming in the endless darkness that becomes more profound each time.
Finally, finally.
At a certain moment, the incandescent tail flame crossed an extremely long distance in the darkness, but suddenly, it seemed to be swallowed up and disappeared into the darkness.
/There is no bright light that suddenly expands, nor is there any extremely brilliant aura dust.
But the next moment, as he stared at the dark and silent vortex of the sea eye, the shock of the collapse of the forbidden chain of the treasure was transmitted to Chu Weiyang’s mind, and what also lingered was some kind of indescribable joy. mood.
He is walking steadily on this road and is about to see the scenery at the end of the road!
Collapse, collapse, still constant collapse.
Apart from the lingering changes in Tao and Dharma, there seems to be no difference between this collapse and the last one.
But Chu Weiyang understood that this was completely different!
Just like at the beginning, when those treasures were sacrificed and flew away, they would only disappear into the endless darkness; but when the treasures contain the power of Sumeru, they can draw out the world of darkness. Incandescent tail flame.
It will also be the most important stage!
Beyond the barrier-like darkness of the Elephant of Heaven and Earth, beyond the Sumeru Storm that is almost integrated with the Sea Eye vortex itself.
/Finally, finally, Chu Weiyang actually