n that crashed into this cosmic glow was instantly enveloped in an infinite halo. The moment when it felt the lack and nothingness, it was directly amidst the overwhelming buzzing and trembling. , really like a raging flame, really like a halo, bursting suddenly!

The collapse of the great sun.
This should have been a truly devastating sight.
But in front of the verve that truly comes from the same source, at this moment, the boundless jade light spread evenly into the cosmic glow. When you look carefully, you can see that in the inner scene of the nine heavens, there are all kinds of spiritual beings. Among the wonderful phenomena, all phenomena and groups that truly belong to this world are born.
That is the manifestation of all things and gods with the help of mottled dharmas. It is the temples that have re-established themselves in the Yujing Mountain. The thunder map of the heart of heaven is connected, the vast cloud road is steaming, and even the rocks, grass and trees in the Yujing Mountain, including the Lingxu… The wonderful and mysterious scene in the picture.
Everything is due to the disintegration of the great sun and the infinitely changing halo that contains the essence of the magical powers of the “Dharma, Heaven and Earth”, gradually transforming that cosmic glow into the true religion. A familiar look to Chu Weiyang.
It is no longer just the charm, but the inner scene of the Nine Heavens supported by Taoism and nature.
But this is far from enough.
The remaining seven jade-light suns were activated one after another.
Immediately following, was the jade sun full of the magical charm of “Nine Breaths Convincing Qi”, wrapped in immeasurable halo, and crashed into the Taishang Bagua furnace.
During the extremely trembling collapse process, the scorching jade light seemed to turn into a torrent, baptizing the entire spiritual realm, and then spread along the charm of “Dharma Xiang Heaven and Earth”, bringing more people into the world. , a more complete evolution of all things in one world.
/Swish boom swish boom
Therefore, in this process, following the practice process of Chu Weiyang and this magical power system from beginning to end in the past, the various magical power scriptures, starting from the beginning of “Dharma Appearance of Heaven and Earth” and ending with ” At the end of “You Shen Yu Qi”, eight rounds of jade light were reflected in the Taishang Bagua Furnace in order, and after they couldn’t wait to break into the glow of the universe, they collapsed one after another.
That is no longer collapse.
It is the unity of Taoism and nature, it is the immeasurable pearl seal pattern. In this process, from the tangible sun and halo, it is accompanied by collapse and filling at this moment, and becomes seemingly tangible. , in fact, it is part of the concept of heaven and earth and all phenomena that are blurred and melted into one.
With countless Dharma sutras, all phenomena of heaven and earth are truly interpreted at this moment.
/The thunder and fire of Zhidao has not yet begun