n despair, the Samsara Heart Lord looked up to the sky and shouted: “The Samsara Heart Lord of the Heavenly Demon Palace is willing to worship you as the master. From now on, I will fight to the death without regrets.”

Lu Nan deprived himself of the title of Six Prisons and handed it to a demon general kneeling at his feet. He was quite disdainful of the surrender of Samsara Heart Lord: “Old man, you have been touched by Lu Bei and are already dirty. You should die!”
The Samsara Heart Master was horrified: “You can’t do this. I have made meritorious deeds for the Heavenly Demon Realm, and I have shed blood for the Demon. I want to see the Demon Lord, I want to see him.”
/Lu Nan snorted coldly, and the demonic body of the Samsara Heart Master collapsed immediately. The spilled demonic energy returned to the Demon Realm along the passage, leaving only a gray and old body as the final accommodation for the demon creature of the Samsara Heart Lord.
The physical body is weak, the supernatural powers are abolished, and the most terrifying thing is that the true name is deprived and removed from the list of extraterrestrial demons. From then on, there is no endless and eternal life.
At this time, how could Samsara Heart Master not know that he had already seen the Demon Lord, right in front of him.
The dark vortex closed in, and the passage to the Demon Realm merged into the final gap.
Ten evil eyes looked down at the world. Lu Nan only had Lu Bei in his eyes, and could not tolerate any extra existence: “Lu Bei, on the day when the days coincide, I will take your life.”
The darkness dissipates, and the supreme will of the Demon Realm no longer exists.
Over the Immortal Mansion Continent, the thunder dissipated, the storm returned to calm, and the Sifang Demon Suppression Monument was relieved. Black sand and gravel shot out, and it almost persisted until the last moment before collapsing.
But the current calm cannot replace everyone’s state of mind. Gu Zongchen kept chanting Buddhist scriptures silently, and King Yuanji stared at Lu Bei with his eyes widened, looking like a monster.
That is, the ten-eyed demon.
As long as he was not deaf and had eyesight, even a fool would know that there was a big problem with the demonic body that Lu Bei transformed into.
/Going one step further, there is a problem with Lu Bei as a ‘person’.
Some people are happy and others are sad, but She Zhang is very happy. She has a precise eye for choosing men, and she can choose the best one at a glance.
Han Miaojun was also extremely happy. It was a surprise to be precise. She clamped her long legs together and narrowed her beautiful eyes into crescent moons. She didn’t know what she was thinking.
In comparison, Taifu was very calm and just wanted to catch Lu Bei and study it carefully when no one was around.
Without further ado, the saddest person in the scene is the reincarnation of the heart. His true name was taken away, his magical powers were abolished, and he became a creature that is no longer human and nei