an Array in Baihua Tower is not bad. The details confirm each other. Let’s see how to fine-tune it and teach the two worlds to be in harmony. In this way, using the array to cross the air, maybe it’s It will be much cheaper.

Furthermore, since the treasure contains abundant power of Sumeru, it also needs such a supreme Sumeru array to turn into a cardinal and control everything! ”
In the quiet room of Baijie Yunfang, where the Blood Fiend Dao monk was imprisoned, Chu Weiyang and Shi Yuting were sitting behind a wooden screen, separated by a table and facing each other. He pursed his lips, not saying a word, and there was no movement at all. He was sitting there on his knees, mixing incense and making tea for the two of them.
On the spot, after hearing what Chu Weiyang said, Shi Yuting looked thoughtful, while showing a thoughtful expression, he picked up the jade cup in his hand and drank the emerald-colored tea soup gently.
Following Shi Yuting’s seemingly careless movements, Chu Weiyang’s eyes were also attracted.
When a person holds a hammer in his hand, everything looks like a nail; and since he mastered the Positive Method, Chu Weiyang always sees everything as being closer to the Positive Method.
For example, the scenery seen through the eyes at this time seems to be the “positive method” of Baihua Tower.
The utensils used by the elders who can teach the peak elixir realm of Baihualou, the jade lamp is naturally extremely exquisite. At first glance, the jade is as white as snow, like ceramics, and it is soaked with water, etc. After Qing He poured the tea soup into it, the entire cup became even more translucent. Even if Chu Weiyang looked at it from a distance, he could see the jadeite among the crystal white.
But even for such an exquisite jade cup, when Shi Yuting held it up and gently brought the rim of the jade cup as thin as a cicada’s wings to his lips, the beauty of the jade cup itself was revealed by Shi Yuting. The face became eclipsed.
What is the real mutton-fat white jade, what is the real crystal white jade, what is the real moistening water.
The one holding the fake jade cup is just a fake jade cup; and the one holding the fake jade cup is the real beauty!
This is a conclusion truly drawn by Chu Weiyang’s practical use of empirical methods to confirm each other.
But just thinking about it for a while, when Chu Weiyang looked at Shi Yuting again, he suddenly felt that everything was completely different. The light and dancing movements of the man holding the jade cup, the gentle face as if With a thoughtful expression, the slightly wandering eyes seemed to be half on Chu Weiyang and half in the sky.
Finally, in such silence, the sound of swallowing tea was very obvious.
/When he looked at it, Shi Yuting’s chin was raised slightly, revealing the beauty of that slender neck to Chu Weiyang’s eyes. The skin was like mutton-fat white jade, and the moist skin was as thin as cicada wings. , with the movements of Shi Yuting, the movements of the extremely fine muscles changed obviously, and