ve thousand meters.

As long as David devotes a little attention to observation, he can get information about where the first-level Zerg is.
“Report the sniper’s combat results!” Lieutenant Eaton ordered in a deep voice.
Although heavy laser cannons and Gauss cannons are constantly firing, the time interval between each activation of these heavy weapons is constantly increasing.
In order to ensure the safety of weapons and prevent them from self-exploding due to excessive use, the use of heavy weapons is strictly controlled.
The most important thing is that heavy laser cannons and Gauss cannons are not good at attacking a single target. The long preparation time cannot lock on to the faster-moving first-level Zerg.
Unless the first-level Zerg happens to appear within the range of heavy weapons, it is impossible to attack the designated first-level Zerg.
Therefore, the long-range sniper gun has become a very targeted fixed-point elimination weapon, and is the best supplement to those heavy weapons.
“Captain, these are the current results of each sniper!” The adjutant quickly answered with quick finger movements.
“Yes, snipers are still trustworthy!” Lieutenant Eaton said while watching and nodding.
Although snipers are difficult to manage, their attack capabilities are still very impressive after the war begins.
On average, each sniper killed at least ten first-level Zerg species within ten minutes, and more than two hundred first-level Zerg species were eliminated.
If this kind of performance were in the wild, it would almost be equivalent to the performance of a medium-sized hunting team in one year.
Relying on the city’s defense and having a variety of heavy weapons and equipment, the first-level Zerg become extremely vulnerable.
He was already thinking about the end of this war. The corpses of the first-level Zerg alone were a big gain.
However, due to the frequent attacks from heavy laser cannons and Gauss cannons, it was unknown how many complete insect corpses could be preserved in the end.
“How come this No. 5 sniper position only killed three first-level Zerg?” When Lieutenant Eaton glanced at the data, he noticed something wrong and asked in a deep voice.
/Sniper position No. 5 is on the side of the south gate. No matter how few there are, there will never be only three first-level Zerg.
“Captain, that’s a civilian sniper recruited. He just arrived at the sniper position!” the adjutant immediately inquired and replied.
At this moment, Lieutenant Eaton saw that the number of kills displayed changed from 3 to 4, then to 5 after five seconds, and then to 6 after five seconds.
“Cut over the picture of sniper position No. 5!” Lieutenant Eaton ordered again.
Following the adjutant’s operation, a sniper vision appeared on the wall in front of Lieutenant Eaton. As soon as the sniper vision appeared, it was aimed at a first-level Zerg that was running fast, and then the first-level Zerg fell to the ground.
The screen changed to another location. This time, the sniper vision once again directly fou