kin and muscles were dry due to the lightning, just like the Blade Master that day.

A few hours passed, and David’s spirit slowly recovered. When he opened his eyes again, he was still frightened.
/If his energy hadn’t been raised to 9 points before, he would have been drained of energy by putting half of his energy before.
You must know that although the improvement from 8.99 to 9 points is only a 0.01 improvement, the improvement in mental aspects is a qualitative difference.
In fact, if the blade master had not worshiped the ancient god and received the gift from the ancient god, he would not be able to control the ‘Lightning (Talent)’. The fact that this talent can use the name of ‘Lightning’ means that this is not an ordinary control ability. , but possesses the origin of ‘lightning’.
David’s ‘ice control’ talent is to use his mind to create ice. This kind of creation has nothing to do with him and the body itself, it is just an application of his mental talent.
But ‘Lightning (Talent)’ is different. ‘Lightning (Talent)’ allows itself to generate ‘Lightning’.
David got the ‘Lightning (Talent)’ from the Blade Master. This ‘Lightning (Talent)’ is a level 4 spiritual talent. You must have a Level 4 spirit to control it perfectly. Otherwise, like the Blade Master, you will get the evil god’s power. Giving and dedicating one’s faith can achieve perfect control.
Of course, if David’s spirit has not reached level four, then a corresponding restriction prompt will appear on the ‘Lightning (Talent)’ knowledge light ball, and he will not be allowed to absorb and fuse directly.
David stood up, and as he stood up, a cloud of ash floated from his body.
He looked at his body and found that his body had become skinny and charred, like a piece of charcoal.
Even though David is already an official knight and is close to the realm of the Earth Knight, his body still cannot withstand the backlash brought by the fourth-level spiritual talent, which makes his body the same as the Blade Master that day.
Fortunately, there was no one else around, otherwise David’s body alone would be able to scare others.
David himself was also shocked, but he also discovered that the inside of the Battle Angel’s skeleton was constantly repairing his body, but while it was being repaired here, the electric light generated by ‘Lightning (Talent)’ continued to destroy, making him remain Look like this.
“Damn, how could this happen!” David now regretted his previous decision.
No matter what, this situation must be resolved. He has to participate in a mission the next day, and he cannot miss that mission.
With a thought in David’s mind, the energy feather wings appeared on his back, causing his body to float in the air involuntarily.
He flapped his energy feather wings, and traces of life energy continued to pour into his body. This was the only way he could control the life energy in the Battle Angel’s bones.
With the influx of a large amount of life energy, David’s skin turned from black to white, and from thin to plump. His body quickl