bly take a long time to teach it to cooperate with Chu Weiyang reliably.

Chu Weiyang didn’t have so much time to waste on this beast.
Since this is the case, then simply replace this animal with a demon vein and a divine soul!
Therefore, the moment this thought flashed through, the changes in the cultivation energy in the inner meridians of the heavens were still continuing. In the same place, the mirror light of the Xuanzhen treasure mirror was turning around, but it was the original tightly sealed In the Niwan Palace, the true soul belonging to this beast was suddenly pulled by the treasure mirror.
/Under the use of the supreme Yin Ming ghost evil secret method, the soul of this animal has no ability to resist at all.
From the beginning to the end, Chu Weiyang never made the slightest move, never controlled the Xuanzhen Treasure Mirror, and never even gave the Treasure Mirror support with magic power.
The one who did all these things was Zhong Chaoyuan, the former senior brother of Lihen Palace and the chief disciple of the Taoist order!
In fact, it has nothing to do with a humble casual cultivator like Chu Weiyang.
/So, as Zhong Chaoyuan’s true spirit controlled the Xuanzhen Baojian, he used the ghost evil Yinming Dao method. As time passed, amidst the shrill soul sounds, the soul and true spirit of this animal was separated one by one. .
Just like Chu Weiyang “assembled” Zhong Chaoyuan’s soul in the past, Zhong Chaoyuan is also doing the same thing with this beast’s soul.
It’s just that unlike Zhong Chaoyuan, Chu Weiyang used to “split” and “assemble” to ensure the integrity of Zhong Chaoyuan’s soul and soul, hoping that after being refined into the precious mirror, it could be used for his own purposes for a long time, thus forming Zhong Chaoyuan. Among the true souls, at least 70% are true, and the remaining 30% are half false, and half are pure fabrications by Chu Weiyang.
But for today’s Zhong Chaoyuan, it seems much rougher and more direct to concoct the soul of this beast.
Except for the true soul of this beast, Zhong Chaoyuan had nothing left for him. All the mental memories were erased by Zhong Chaoyuan, and then were refined into pure soul power under the light of the Treasure Mirror Cave.
Immediately afterwards, a vast sea of ??gray-black light shone.
Those are the memory fragments that still have a certain value after all the souls and souls in the entire soul-suppressing tower were split up by the Xuanzhen treasure mirror, and then sealed by the treasure mirror.
It is different from the foundation, and it is also different from the redundant part. It is not purely worthless.
Then, under Chu Weiyang’s gaze, Zhong Chaoyuan wandered in the vast sea of ??light at a very fast speed, and quickly selected some fragments.
These fragments of mental memory were further adjusted and polished by Zhong Chaoyuan, and then mixed with the pure power of the soul, and were “grafted” into the true soul of the beast.
There is no complete weaving of past experiences, and those fragments only crudely create