Hearing what Yun Jing said, the sullen expression on Yun Han’s face became even more intense. When he looked vaguely, his brows were filled with anger, as if they were drooping with boundless majesty like natural thunder and celestial phenomena.
But Yunhan didn’t know what he thought of, so he asked Xiang Yunjing again.
“Where’s the great uncle?”
Hearing this, Yunjing glanced at Yunshou before speaking in a low voice.
“I heard from senior brother that a few days ago, someone passed a message on a jade slip, inviting the senior uncle to go away. Senior brother didn’t pay much attention at that time. Looking back now, maybe the person who sent the message on the jade slip was a great monk of the Five Elements Sect! So far, I have not seen the master. Bohuan is here!”
At this time, the door to the quiet room in the north room slowly opened.
But it was Yunxing who walked out of the quiet room with a frown.
Yun Xingshan uses the two thunders of water and fire to refine lead and mercury. Although his external refining methods of alchemy are ordinary, he is also a person who is very knowledgeable about the meaning of alchemy.
But at this moment, facing the eyes of all his fellow disciples, and after inspecting the injury of his second senior brother Yun Ping, Yun Xing could only shake his head with a sad face.
“The Dantian has been injured, and all the internal organs and palaces have been injured. We need to find a treasure hunt and attract external energy to nourish us. However, the journey back to the sect is long and the master uncle is not around. If the members of the Five Elements Sect want to die again hand”
Speaking of this, Yun Xing remained silent.
On the spot, Yun Shou suddenly stopped. He raised his head, as if thunder and anger were about to burst out, but he suddenly held back.
And at this time, Yun Han’s voice came out from the corner of the courtyard. Even at this time, Yun Han’s voice was extremely ethereal, but it still sounded like a fairy tune and mysterious music, and it calmed down instantly. Zhu Xiu’s anxious state of mind.
I just don’t know what I’m thinking about in my heart, but there is a little erraticness in Yunhan’s ethereal and melodious voice.
/“If it is not advisable to return to the sect, Pindao knows a place that is a treasure land with both the five elements of Qi. It is near the outer sea. It is just a dojo with a master. If you want to save Yunping, I am afraid you have to Please ask for help”
/On the spot, Yunshou suddenly paused.
As the current senior brother of Shenxiao Sect and the almost irrefutable chief Taoist disciple, Yun Shou is naturally a very sober person. He almost left Yun Han at the banquet and then went back. And come back, and now Yu Leifa’s various transformations and improvements
From Yun Han’s various changes, he guessed the hazy image of the truth.
Especially when I think about it, Yun Han lived in seclusion at Fu Mo Cliff after returning to the mountain gate.
The secret technique of subduing demons of the Tianxin Lei method, even though it