nan to come to her home for medical treatment, she would definitely turn around and move the old lady without saying a word – she was secretly pleased: Please move Master Yin Take action.

Li Yongsheng was young and had no reputation. Although his acupuncture skills were better than Yin Jiutian’s, Qu Wan’er felt very unhappy.
When Aunt Jiang saw this, she coughed lightly and said, “Okay Wan’er, it will still rain tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. My sister’s illness is worse than mine.” ”
Let my mother live here,” Qu Wan’er said through gritted teeth. “She has maids and guards, so she can’t live here!”
Although Qu Shengnan was barely promoted to a high-level cultivator in the end, she became famous in one battle and was regarded as both loyal and righteous. She also suffered a lot. The government wanted to commend models, so she enjoyed extremely high treatment, including guards and The maids are all in the establishment.
Although the yard Li Yongsheng rented was not small, as a man, Xiao Cheng had to occupy a house, and Aunt Jiang and her daughter-in-law had to occupy at least one room. Plus Qu Shengnan and the people around her, it was really not enough.
Chapter 109: Qu Lao tries the needle, but
Li Yongsheng ignores Qu Wan’er at all.
In the past two days, he had been performing acupuncture on the two of them. In order to help them relax and distract their attention, he chatted about a lot of things.
Among them, he asked about Qu Shengnan’s situation and learned that although the old lady was suffering from chronic diseases, she could still walk fairly well on weekdays. Moreover, she was extremely strong and would never need help if she could walk.
Therefore, in his opinion, Qu Shengnan would not object to the so-called door-to-door medical treatment. It was just that Qu Wan’er had too much authority and always wanted to put on airs.
And what he hates the most is others putting on airs. How dare you put on airs with me?
Fortunately, you are only the daughter of a cultivator. If you were the daughter of a cultivator, would others still have to live?
Seeing that he was silent, Qu Wan’er asked coldly, “You’re not coming with me, are you?”
Li Yongsheng turned his head to look at her and said calmly, “For the last time, if you want to cure a disease, you must Listen to the doctor.”
Qu Wan’er’s face turned green with anger. She nodded, “Are you planning to let my mother’s attendants live in the courtyard?”
/Li Yongsheng gave her a sideways look, “They are not patients, I don’t Think about them and want to seek medical treatment from me. Put away all these airs. I only have one kind of person in my eyes, patients!”
“Okay,” Qu Wan’er nodded angrily, turned around and walked out of the hospital.
/As she walked, she thought about who she should find to put pressure on Chaoyang Daxiu Hall and let them subdue Li Yongsheng. What would happen if this little brat didn’t be punished? Do you still have any heroes who protect the country?
But the next moment, she took back this idea. In the world o