the later period, who let the underworld be in ruins!

No, there are still half of the beauties who are just waiting to die. If they don’t work hard all day long, they just know how to spread their legs and lie down to win.
Bah, what’s the use of trying to please him? If you have the ability to lie down with the Emperor of Heaven, you will be able to sleep peacefully with the Emperor of Heaven.
While Lu Xi put his legs on his shoulders, he despised the lack of ambition of these beauties. If they continued like this, the underworld would be emptied by Emperor Ziwei.
Lu Xi: ε=(′ο`*)))
Life is not easy, the Emperor sighed, even for a local warlord like him.
Having said that, Lu Xi still didn’t panic. His eldest brother Lu Bei was the Emperor of Heaven. He only had rules and regulations. Who dared to do anything to him!
Listening to the buzz around him and looking at the gloating eyes, Lu Xi snorted coldly and led a group of boys to their seats.
/“Emperor Donghua has arrived!”
“The Western leader has arrived!”
“After Chengtian followed the example, the land of Tuhuang only arrived”
The four emperors appeared, and all the immortals stood up to greet them. The most complicated ones were the old brothers Ji Longcheng and Zhonggong Huangdi.
Especially for An, the fighting saint of Kan Palace is in charge of the fighting department, ranking first in Zhou Tian Lie Su, and is also the number one god in the Tiangong establishment, but compared with the four emperors, he is an entire order of magnitude behind.
Master of Ten Thousand Ways, Zhulong, and Qi Lijing are the four nobles. He is convinced. Before he became a god, he could not defeat him. After becoming a god, he could reach the sky in one step, and he could not defeat him even more.
Just because Yun Zuoyu hugged the right thigh, he was in a high official position above him, and his cultivation level was that of Daluo Jinxian. He was defeated by his subordinates before, but now he can be beaten with a wave of his hand.
Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. He had a chance but didn’t take it.
Brother Yun greeted the immortals with a smile and returned the greetings cheerfully. He didn’t say any sarcastic words when he saw Ai. Passers-by just smiled and passed by.
There is no need to ridicule, let alone, there is no jealousy in his eyes. He is Brother Yun and the fourth emperor. He has nothing to be angry with the people below. He has lost his worth in vain.
Immediately afterwards, the four emperors appeared one by one, and finally the Nine Heavens Mysteries surrounded the Emperor of Heaven, and the Queen of Heaven who could not be counted with both hands.
The Emperor of Heaven is sitting on the main seat, and the Nine Heavens Xuannv is serving beside him. It stands to reason that at this time, there should be a Queen of Heaven sitting on the seat to the left hand side of the Emperor of Heaven.
For some reasons, the previous Pan Peach Conferences did not have seats for the queens. Instead, the queens sat behind curtains of colorful clouds, w