was caught off guard and could only watch the gun head piercing his chest. In

was caught off guard and could only watch the gun head piercing his chest. In
the middle of saying “I will vote”, he No more strength.
Gongsun Weiming’s reaction was quick, but Songfengguan’s reaction was not slow either. Before he could kill the second person, he saw a large black shadow floating over from a distance.
It was the disciples of Songfeng Temple who came. They summoned the fireworks and the other party rushed over in such a short time. To say that Songfeng Temple happened to meet him by chance, even an idiot would not believe it.
Chapter 1013: Stop it. Among the disciples of
Songfeng Temple, there is always no shortage of high-end combat power. There are three high-level immortals, and there are as many as seven intermediate-level immortals. As for the elementary-level immortals, there are at least ten. Two.
Among the people who came this time, there were seven middle-level real people and four low-level real people. They were wrapped in more than ten monks and rushed over like lightning.
Next to these people, there was a high-level real person, but it was also someone Li Yongsheng had seen before.
/This person’s surname is Feng, and he is the protector of Songfeng Temple. He himself is not included in the scope of the “three passes” – the power of the protector cannot be counted in the inherent combat power of this hospital. People are willing to help out of love. It’s normal not to want to help.
As soon as they arrived, the situation of superiority and inferiority suddenly meant that Li Yongsheng and the others were already at an absolute disadvantage in terms of the number of real people, and they were even more disadvantaged in terms of the number of people participating in the battle.
Seeing her side fighting and retreating, Ding Qingyao took out her sutra master’s command flag, threw it on the ground, then pinched a magic spell and shouted, “Hey, look at my protection!”
The Sutra of Xuannv Palace The Lord’s Command Flag is such a wonderful thing that it can provide absolute protection for one’s own people.
Seeing this, Zi Yan’s chef also released her chef guard, but it was a small cyan bowl, emitting gray-black light, and soon formed a circle with a high center and low surroundings within a hundred feet. shield.
everyone heard this, they were all shocked: Could this place still be there? Are there any outsiders here?
This shield is extremely solid. At first glance, it looks like a gray pot turned upside down.
Although Gongsun Weiming was fighting with three real people, he couldn’t help but complain when he saw it, “The protection of Zi Yan’s certificate is really like a pot. It’s ugly enough, so the protection they talk about is not a ruler, right?” ”
/Okay, this is the secret of Xuannv Palace,” Ding Jingzhu interrupted him directly. She didn’t bother to tell him that the guardianship they talked about was a chessboard. “It’s better to do it quickly.” At
this time, But he saw the host Zhang holding out a long flag and chuckled, “Is it possible that only your Xuannv P