ith a poor background and easy to be hated by others, so when he was in the capital, he Always very low-key.

ith a poor background and easy to be hated by others, so when he was in the capital, he Always very low-key.
But His Royal Highness the King of England believed that no matter what, Prince Ning’s surname was Zhao, and he still wanted to call him uncle. He couldn’t look at his nephew and just disappear without any explanation!
In fact, the King of England already had some speculations in his letter. He made it very clear: No matter how great the resistance is, we must continue to investigate and get to the bottom of it, and we cannot give up halfway!
In other words, he had vaguely determined in his heart that the murderer was someone sent by the Tian family, otherwise he would not have confessed like this.
Of course, he also had enough reasons to make such a guess.
The Xuannv Palace was attacked a while ago and suffered an inexplicable self-destruction attack – since this kind of thing can be done the first time, of course it can be done the second time!
This is not the only reason. The King of England also stated in the letter: The death of King Ning will make the Kuaiji navy become a favorite.
The Kuaiji navy was not very strong, and was dealt with once by Li Yongsheng.
However, what is different from other river naval forces is that they have both river ships and sea-going ships.
Although the strength of the Kuaiji Navy is not as good as that of the Pengze Navy, it can still cause some trouble to the Haidai Navy.
The current imperial court is deeply wary of Haidai Navy’s strength at sea.
/For this benefit alone, the Tian family would not be able to escape suspicion, not to mention that if chaos broke out in Kuaiji, Navy Peng Ze would have a chance to go to sea.
Zhao Xinxin didn’t want to care about this matter. Although she cherished the physical relationship in this life, she asked herself that she had done a lot in return – as a Taoist palace member, it is not easy for me to do this.
Moreover, the court’s surprise attack on Ding Qingyao a while ago not only chilled her, but also made her embarrassed in front of her friends.
However, soon after, news came from Kuaiji: Princess Ning wrote to Zongzhengyuan, saying that because Prince Ning was under thirty years old, she hoped that her son could inherit the prince’s title.
According to the practice of this dynasty, the prince’s son can only be a county king, but by extension, in addition to the crown prince, the prince can have up to two sons who can become county kings.
The excuse that Princess Ning put forward, that Prince Ning was under thirty, could not be used as a reason at all – if he was under seventeen, it could still be considered a premature death, but if he was under thirty, what does it mean?
/But unexpectedly, Zongzhengyuan discussed the matter seriously.
As for the reason, it is very simple. Kuaiji is one of the most prosperous counties in the south, and some grain and rice are supplied to the north.
What is particularly important is that Prince Ning has not really raised the flag of rebellion. If he does not agree to