browsed through this book, and I feel that there are many didactic things.”

browsed through this book, and I feel that there are many didactic things.”
Li Yongsheng immersed himself in the borrowing procedures, then raised his head and smiled heartily at her, “Senior, this book It’s really good. Please believe me.”
“Believe you?” Even though Qi Yongxin was in a bad mood, she couldn’t help but smile when she heard this, “You are the one who was born outside.”
This is the confidence and arrogance that a student born inside should have. Nothing to do.
“Ha,” Li Yongsheng laughed again, “As a librarian and a library inspector, please trust my ethics. Professional things should be done by professionals.”
Qi Yongxin raised his thick eyebrows and thought Say something, but finally held back.
She walked to the door of the bookstore and then turned around, “Don’t you want to know about Weiwei?”
Li Yongsheng smiled and waved his hand, “I’m about to get off work. If you’re in a bad mood today, let’s talk about it another day.”
My mood, It’s not too bad, right? Qi Yongxin is tall and has a rough mind. She thinks that no matter what, there is a boy who has a crush on me. Even though that guy is a bit fat, I can’t agree to it.
After Li Yongsheng got off work in the bookstore, he returned to the dormitory, intending to take a look at what “don’t go back to the dormitory after school” meant.
But it is very regrettable that Xiao Xianhou is not here. It is said that he went to participate in the activities of the sports club.
/The Sports Club is one of the clubs of Bolingben Seminary. Don’t get me wrong, this kind of club is not a “vibrant social organization”, but a real club organized by students in the seminary.
/As a fat man who suffered from discrimination, Xiao Xianhou didn’t like to join various clubs. He came into contact with many people and had a lot of troubles, but the sports club was an exception. It was one of the largest clubs in the monastery.
The most rare thing is that the sports club took the initiative to invite Xiao Xianhou to join the club. This is a rare honor, although it is said that they want to use Xiao Xianrou’s situation to promote the importance of a strong body.
Xiao Xianhou reluctantly joined the sports club for the sake of the beautiful vice-president, but he also knew in his heart that he was just a show-off, so his attitude towards the sports club was just that.
But no matter what, he had joined a club when he was a student. This was enough, and he was worthy of his youth.
In comparison, Li Yongsheng was far behind. It was not that no one invited him to join the club, but he spent most of his time working and studying, and he was not very interested in the club.
Now that Xiao Xianhou had escaped, he went to Qin Tianzhu’s dormitory again to ask for compensation for the table.
Qin Tianzhu was not in the dormitory, but he had found a table – Senior Qin finally chose the real thing. He had no choice but to do it. The landlord’s family didn’t have any food left, right?
Li Yongsheng was a little disappointed by this. He went to the bookstore