nd out if you show up so openly?”

“Tch,” Suzaku snorted disdainfully, “I was listening just now when her spiritual mind was there, and she didn’t notice me. This kind of junior, in the upper world, I can kill with just one sneeze. Hundreds of people.”
almost there,” Zhao Xinxin said calmly, “She has a cause and effect with my body in this life.”
“That’s what I said,” Suzaku laughed dryly, and then immediately looked at Ding Qingyao, “Tell me, what is the obligation?”
Ding Qingyao really hadn’t thought about this. Although she knew that Zhuque was not simple, she always had a vague feeling in her heart – you are just a wild priest, and our Taoist palace will not trouble you. Consider it an open question.
After hearing this, she realized that even though Li Yongsheng and Zhao Xinxin could talk to it casually, this guy was really not something Xuannv Palace could ask for. He only had no name in this plane, so he gave birth to her. This illusion.
At this moment, she really wanted to ask Empress Xuan what kind of concessions she could make, but this was obviously impossible, so she hesitated before answering, “Senior, if I can make certain concessions in Kuaiji, I, Xuan “Nv Palace”
hesitated again, and she said decisively, “Our Xuannv Palace will evacuate disciples from Baiyue as soon as possible.”
“Hey, that’s so sincere,” Suzaku sneered when he heard this, “You focus on Kuaiji, Baiyue Can Guangdong survive? Do you think I’m a fool for doing this kind of obligation at no cost?”
Ding Qingyao’s face turned red when she heard this, but she felt unusually aggrieved in her heart. I can agree to this on my own initiative.
At this moment, Li Yongsheng spoke up, “Old bird, it’s almost the same. People won’t trouble you anymore. What else do you want?” “How?”
/Suzaku snorted angrily, “If we change planes, Let’s see if I can’t control their pee!”
Chapter 853: State affairs are also drama .
Regardless of whether Suzaku is willing or not, the four of them have reached a simple consensus – Xuannv Palace will no longer vigorously encircle Xuannv Dao, but as a In exchange, Suzaku must cooperate with Xuannv Palace’s actions.
After the discussion was completed, within a few days, news came from Kuaiji County that a large number of Xuannv Taoist believers had gathered.
/In Jinling City, the number of followers of Xuannv Tao also increased suddenly, and they vigorously promoted the teachings of Xuannv Tao.
Jinling is a first-class and prosperous city in the south of Middle-earth. There are really not too many families of powerful people and rich people in it.
Many people know that worshiping in the wild is not allowed, and the consequences will be serious, but they can’t stand it – Ning Prince’s Mansion doesn’t respond.
King Ning wanted to react, but it was really impossible. His current position was against the king. He wanted soldiers but no soldiers, no food, no food. He only had two cats and dogs behind him. There was no reliable big force. As for the natal family behind the princess. ——Is that con