rs became excited.

Last time, Zhao Wuji used a super strong defensive formation, but was instantly knocked out of his temper by the gorgeous double-arc sword energy.
What about this time?
/Is it still a double-arc sword energy?
Wang Meng waited for his opponent quietly. Soon his opponent appeared, and a gorgeous figure emerged from the void.
It really has to be described as gorgeous. She was wearing a shiny dark green robe with gold trim. There was a phantom on the chest, a beautiful golden bow in her hand, her forehead was slightly raised, looking down at Wang Meng, and there was a kind of feeling all over her body. The aristocratic air of superiority.
The opponent also fought randomly. When he saw Wang Meng in front of him, contempt flashed naturally on his face. He was so ordinary all over, and he was still using a soldier-level sword.
Simply put, it’s garbage.
Obviously the real person is very famous, but it is only for people of a certain level. They are not interested and will not care.
“Tianjiao Xiaoqianjie, just look at the one with the long nose.”
“This guy’s whole body is filled with the light of spiritual stones.”
“That’s the Lingxu robe. It’s king-level. Even on the battlefield at the 40th level of Yuanli, it’s still awesome.”
/“Who made Tianjiao Xiaoqian Realm rich in spiritual stones? There are more spiritual stones than stones. You can just kick them and get them.”
Looking at Qin Yu, he didn’t know how he could randomly find such an opponent. He couldn’t use his own strength at all, but he didn’t let go of the winning percentage given away.
The battle begins.
Qin Yu instantly held the Luanfeng Bow in his hand, radiating light, and shot out a sword to kill Wang Meng.
In an instant, the fighting stage was lit up by the strong light emitted by Luan Feng Gong.
Is there any way?
There was no way, everyone sighed as soon as the bow was released, this shameless guy had a king-level weapon.
Wang Meng could feel the strong pressure coming towards him. The bow in the opponent’s hand was a magic weapon!
A casual arrow can have the effect of a big move.
Qin Yu still raised his head noblely, ants, they are all ants!
From the perspective of Tianjiao Xiaoqianjie, what is cultivation?
Xiuzhen is richer than anyone else!
Wang Meng’s body dodged sharply and missed an arrow, but his body was also torn open by the wind of arrows.
This power is more powerful than the sword cultivator’s sword energy.
A contemptuous smile appeared at the corner of Qin Yu’s mouth, “For the poor, meaningless resistance only prolongs the pain.”
swish swish
Another extremely gorgeous three arrows, and the entire fighting platform seemed to be shaking because it couldn’t bear the power.
This Qin Yu only has twenty-six or seven levels of Yuan Power at most, but through the jaw-dropping magic weapon in his hand, he can exert more than thirty levels of terrifying power. This power is at the level of the Great Yuan Realm.
Generally, there are many ways to dodge the three arrows coming, but the arrow just now has already ex