o Kexin. They are famous and prestigious. They are not They are all existences with outstanding combat power or ambition. Like Jiuqujian Zhongzhen, his cultivation and combat power is close to the bottom among the Thirteen Taibao of Songshan, but he practices the purest sword cultivation inheritance of Songshan. Only in theory. , at the beginning of Buxu Realm, it is possible for him to kill a strong man in Jindan Realm with his sword.

Of course, in such a step-up challenge, the chance of being instantly killed by someone’s counterattack is much higher than the possibility of him killing someone.
/But Zhong Zhen inherited the Songshan Sword Cultivating Tradition. He was the youngest and had the greatest potential, so he was naturally prestigious. Even if he had been left for another hundred or two hundred years, his strength might have skyrocketed and he would be promoted to a level similar to Ding Mian.
However, those who were good at swimming died from drowning, and those who were good at swordsman died in battle. Zhong Zhen, who was good at overstepping challenges and was extremely spirited, failed in the hands of the Earth Star natives and was killed by someone who jumped over the steps.
Fortunately, when he died, it was a special period when the great plane of immortality was developing a new plane. All kinds of high-level monks died in various ways which were very ‘normal’. After all, no one knew what the new planet had. Is it the rich resource of every inch of land?
/Or is it a resident demon that is devouring the plane? No one knows. The Taishan Sword Sect played a long-distance interstellar teleportation, and as a result, a third of the elite members of the sect were directly killed. In comparison, the Songshan Sword Sect’s losses could only be described as pain in the skin and flesh, but no damage to the muscles and bones.
Therefore, although the leadership of the Songshan Sword Sect was saddened by the death of Jiuqujian Zhongzhen, they did not investigate too deeply. In troubled times, they really did not have the spare capacity and manpower. If it were normal times, the Thirteen Taibao of Songshan would have died. One, it was an uproar that shook the sky.
In front of Lehou, the old man Huan Tianjun Situ Yu, with gray mane and gray clothes, was a strong man in Buxu Realm, but his cultivation in Buxu Realm was the result of many adventures along the way and the inclination of resources, which was accumulated by the Songshan Sword Sect.
When he was building his foundation and ascending into the sky, he ate a strange treasure and was promoted.
When he was promoted to Buxu in the sky, he also broke through the bottleneck and was promoted because of eating exotic treasures.
At that time, Zuo Lengchan had already made it clear to him that unless Situ Yu could take some high-level immortal medicine with no side effects, he would stop at the first level of Buxu in this life. They are also called real monks. It is impossible for a monk in this realm to make a pile of medicine. No matter how rare and precio