administration holds the real power.

administration holds the real power.
The County Secretary and Director Xia are a bit at odds with each other, but Director Xia is a higher level, and the appointment of the County Secretary, the evaluation of the inspection room is a very important part. This time it is the inspection room that takes action, and County Secretary Zhang also Not much to say.
There is a reason for the disagreement between the two. The county guard cannot manage the military service room, but according to his duties According to the regulations, he has certain rights to intervene in the military service room. Although the military service room accepts the instructions of the military service room and the inner court, the boss of a county cannot interfere with the army, so what is the point?
The few of them had been sitting in silence for a long time. Finally, Cai Tongzhi coughed slightly and broke the silence in the room. “The military ward has done something wrong in this matter. It’s better to investigate thoroughly.”
The county guard Han Qiubin snorted coldly, “I have never heard that people of the same level who are recommended by the same level for military service should be cautious about this matter.”
So he went home immediately, wanting to get some money and run away. Unexpectedly, before he reached the door, he found a few idlers wandering around in front of his house.
Tongzhi, on the other hand, cannot interfere with military affairs, not even in the slightest. Regarding military matters, his right to speak is not as good as that of the patrol house. As a person who restrains the county governor, he has a great say in financial rights.
The two of them were showing off their butts. Concubine Xia Ming did not participate in this. “I just want to remind you that a room has soldiers and a department has food.”
“Absurd,” Han Qiubin snorted disdainfully and scolded her unceremoniously, “They want to Conspiracy, I, the dignified head of a county, don’t know whether I doubt my ability or my loyalty?” The
county guard did not accept the instigation, but felt that his self-esteem was hurt. How could there be a rebellion after a long period of peace?
“Ahem,” Zhang Zexuan coughed twice and spoke cautiously, “We all sympathize with what happened to Li Yongsheng, but can the words of a small disciple be trusted? They may be lies to vent personal anger.”
/He He tried hard not to bring the topic to the tour room, but he had no choice. Others saw that he was serving the county guard, and that he was a high-ranking minister with great glory, but they didn’t know that he was caught in the middle, and he also had too much helplessness.
“Scoff,” Cai Tongzhi sneered disdainfully, “County Officer Zhang only sees whether it is credible or not. What I see is that there may be people colluding with foreign tribes and people inside and outside to plot military and national weapons. Who will be responsible if something happens?”
Zhang Zexuan closed decisively. He could say a few words about what was going on with the Military Housin