ly, the Mo family’s command flag shows that he belongs to a big force, and the Mo family is responsible for the West Road.

ly, the Mo family’s command flag shows that he belongs to a big force, and the Mo family is responsible for the West Road.
Of course, this is because Zhang Laoshi has a keen eye. He understands all the ways in the world and understands the meaning of the flag. If he hadn’t pointed it out, others might not have thought of it.
At least Li Yongsheng didn’t expect this at the beginning, but after hearing Zhang Laoshi’s question, he understood instantly.
The man from the Mo family was a little helpless when he heard them talk about the allusion of the Sifang Lingqi. He wanted to stop the other party, but his servants all knew about these martial arts, and they obviously had a background.
So he could only remain silent.
But Du Jingjing was still a little confused, so she asked, “With the four major palaces here, who dares to call it the North Pole?” Does the
North Pole Palace know if you are doing this? Believe it or not, they can teach you how to behave at the click of a finger?
The man from the Mo family was furious when he heard this. He glared at Du Jingjing coldly, “Young lady
, you must prevent disaster from coming out of your mouth!” “Young lady, be careful what you say,” the old man was horrified and said hurriedly, “This North Pole is not the other North Pole. Ziwei Xingjun is the co-owner of the world, but this has nothing to do with the four palaces of the southeast, northwest and northwest.”
“Oh, I see,” Du Jingjing nodded and looked at Li Yongsheng with a smile, “I understand, Mrs. Li Yongsheng.”
Neither did Li Yongsheng. He ignored her and looked up at the sky, “It’s going to rain, friend Mo. Is there a shelter nearby?”
The man from the Mo family replied in a muffled voice, “Just follow me. You all have cultivation skills anyway.”
Go forward two After more than ten miles, it started to rain.
Bingzhou belongs to the north, spring came later, and the rain was not heavy, so everyone continued on their way in the rain.
After walking for more than ten miles, a small village appeared in front of us.
However, the Mo family man did not stop, but turned a corner around the village and continued moving forward.
Zhang Laoshi raised his eyebrows and said nothing, but Du Jingjing asked again, “Is there anything wrong with the village?” The
Mo family man replied impatiently, “Since I’m leading the way, you just follow me!”
Du Jingjing asked again Looking at Li Yongsheng, “Husband?”
/Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes, gritted his teeth secretly, and scolded Zhang Laoshi and the old man bloody – look at these ideas you came up with.
The man from the Mo family became more and more unhappy. He said to himself that the little girl didn’t know whose family she came from. This is a bloody world. If you want to act like a spoiled child, go back to your house!
After another seven or eight miles, two horses came running in the rain. They were also holding seven-star osmanthus flags. When they saw them, they cupped their hands and said, “Brother Qi, are you inviting someone here again?” ”
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