space was distorted, and seven or eight more people appeared. , four of whom were cultivators, all rushed towards Zhao Xinxin.

space was distorted, and seven or eight more people appeared. , four of whom were cultivators, all rushed towards Zhao Xinxin.
“It is indeed the Wei family,” the Du family’s Si Xiu snorted coldly, “Do you really want to start a war with my Du family?”
What answered him was a white light that struck him like a thunderbolt.
“Seeking death!” There was another cold snort, and a disciple of the Du family stepped forward to meet him. In an instant, he released a powerful aura, and a long cyan whip hit the white light hard.
This is clearly another Hua Cultivator, but he has hidden his aura among the disciples of Zhi Cultivator.
What Du Jingjing said about hiring at least three cultivators was really not a boast.
“Double skill with whip and mace?” A monk from the Wei family sneered, “Let the other one come out too.”
“Die!” A fiery red mace suddenly appeared in the air and hit a chemical cultivator of the Wei family hard.
The Du family suddenly sent two more cultivators to neutralize this wave of attacks. However, Zhao Xinxin’s situation was still very dangerous. It was not only the other two cultivators who besieged her, but also three or four others. Secretary Xiu.
/With only a few disciples of the Du family, plus Li Yongsheng and Zhang Muzi, it is really not easy to resist.
That is to say, there are several guards around Zhao Xinxin. These people can use their bodies to resist attacks, and they also have quite powerful defensive talismans on them, so they can temporarily block it.
However, as the battle continued, several guards were soon unable to stop him. One of them was penetrated through the defense, his head was smashed to pieces, and a cloud of blood mist exploded in the air.
“Heroic soul kills!” At this moment, Li Yongsheng dodged and forced his way through the blood mist. The long knife in his hand exploded with powerful momentum in an instant, and he slashed at a chemical cultivator with a single blow.
This cultivator was also very sensitive to the aura of the battlefield, but he really didn’t expect that a cultivator could burst out with an aura that could kill the cultivator in an instant.
Chapter 390: The Iron-Blooded Heroic Soul
This cultivator reacted too slowly. Although he had sensed something was wrong, it was too late to take precautions.
Li Yongsheng slashed the man diagonally into two sections from his shoulder to his waist.
He has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. The opponent’s strength is too strong. In addition to the two cultivators of Lelang Poisonous Dragon, four more cultivators suddenly appeared.
/Even though the Du family had two hidden cultivators, they still couldn’t withstand the opponent’s four extra cultivators.
Moreover, along with the appearance of the four transformation cultivators, there are also four division cultivators. In a chaotic battle, this is also an extremely terrifying combat power.
The most alarming thing was the big hand that grabbed the tall old man’s sword. The owner of the hand was none other than Wei Chunfang, a