s stunned. He stood there in a daze for a moment.

“Mr. David, your luggage is here!” After an unknown amount of time, Leona’s voice sounded behind David.
/This voice startled the two people who were looking at each other. They both looked away at the same time, with a look of shyness on their faces.
Fox Chaofan was sitting in his office. He looked at a message about an appointment to visit on his identity bracelet, and then he remembered a small thing that Galen Chaofan had asked him to do when he came to Lenka.
For a high school student who is not from the Iridia Star Territory to use legal means to participate in the Unified College Entrance Examination of the Iridia Star Territory, this is a very small thing for a strong person like Fox Chaofan. thing.
But since it was entrusted to him by his friend Galen Chaofan, he naturally had to take it seriously.
“David Kerr!” Fox’s extraordinary mouth read David’s name softly.
He was curious about what kind of genius would make Galen Chaofan pay a favor for a disciple.
You must know that they are both extraordinary and although they are good friends, this favor is not so easy to give.
At their status, they are not afraid of giving benefits, but are afraid of giving favors.
/Fox Chaofan casually set his identity bracelet to projection mode, and he could search a lot of content with his authority.
Soon, David’s life appeared on the projection.
Fox Chaofan looked at the content on the projection, and the expression on his face changed from indifferent to surprised.
With each victory, he saw a powerful and talented soldier. In terms of record, even peak-level soldiers rarely had such achievements.
Spear master, sniper warrior, proficient in a variety of weapons, decisive in shooting, and has a record of killing elite warrior groups head-on.
From the military to the government, the evaluation from all aspects is the highest.
Judging from David’s age, he is a talented soldier with unlimited potential. If he can become extraordinary, he must also be the strongest among extraordinary.
As for the content about poisoning Kaser Chaofan, Fox Chaofan also attributed it to luck, but there was nothing special about it.
In fact, in history, many extraordinary people died in various accidents, among which poisoning was the most common.
Fox Chaofan also understood why Galen Chaofan valued David so much and would pay favors for David and ask him to help take care of him.
Just when Fox was about to turn off the information on his identity bracelet, a line of red font suddenly appeared in David’s information.
“New information has been added!” Fox Chaofan was very curious, knowing that his information was regularly synchronized with the information in the war zone.
He also looked at the date. The date of this information was some time ago.
It is not ordinary trivial things that can enter this information. In addition to identity information, only some events that are particularly worthy of attention will be included.
Fox Chaorong clicked on the red font, and a war report po